Jul 6, 2021: Payouts for month of June complete

Hello community!

In keeping with the process rules announced on Feedback on Layer 2 Payouts, payouts are complete.

We paid 981 unique wallet addresses on layer 1. All of these wallet addresses earned enough that the payment fee was 1/4th of the payout amount or less. There is no specific minimum payout threshold dollar amount, but it was roughly around $21.

We paid 866 unique wallet addresses through zkSync. Once again, we did not enforce minimum payment fees here at all as an incentive. Across both layers, there were 1847 unique wallet addresses.

If you have a final balance less than ~$21 and have not opted into zkSync, you should consider opting into zkSync for next month. Otherwise we’ll hang on to your payment in case fees drop more (we’re excited about EIP 1559 and Eth 2.0).

Thanks for being a fantastic storage node operator community!


How many Exchanges are there at the moment? And when should the total held update in the node dashboard?

Thanks for the update, but this is very disappointing - the ERC20 transfer rate has been very low the last few days, yet you picked the day when storj/usd is rallying and the ERC20 rate was high :frowning: Having these payment runs so inflexible you would agree does make it look bad for Storj.

I’ve been monitoring the rate, and so I am more that happy to query this now - it just doesn’t make sense ! why pay a few hundreds SNO’s at a high ERC20 rate, when you can wait, for a better window.


Bored of the constant marketing on zkSync - please list all the exchanges where I can use with this ? because at the moment, and for the past 6 months there are none that I am aware off.

#Edit : aware of the standard response, you will claim L2 to L1 is available all over the place - I would kindly request an exchange that natively supports L2, so that address can be used as the Storj payment, to avoid double txfr fees.

Please could I ask that in the name of transparency, you advertise the dates your are planning to run the payment sequence a week in advance, ideally at the end of previous month - this will save allot of assumptions on the SNO’s part, and make Storj look far more attractive to potential clients - I know you support the community, and I am behind the concept for now… but after 7 months and seeing the same things happening constantly I am now questioning the project…

thanks CP


Thanks Alexey :slight_smile:

To quote you,

So why did the payment runs not happen on the 5th Day ? when ERC20 was lower… We can all see http://storjnet.info/ and the payment run dates - they are not consistent. We can also all view the public ledger to process the facts, most SNO’s don’t rotate their payment address so we have great traceability :slight_smile:

I was hinting more to an exact date I.e. dear community, payment runs will be on the 6th of July Eastern Time for July payments [posted 25th June]

You will appreciate this does look like a little bit of market play from Storj, picking times that suit there agenda… high Storj/USD rate to pay less tokens, high ERC20 rate to ensure only a few SNO’s are paid to maintain further capital in the company…

I personally don’t think this is the case, you are caring and busy developing product, but you need to think about how the outside world views the company - you need more transparency, as this is what will be impacting your client uptake - they can also read these forum’s :wink:


Because it’s workdays… They happens as fast as possible, there is no specific date though.
At least the final step (send out) requires approve.

  1. Storj is an international company that crosses national borders and timezones. After having worked in such projects myself it is a very rare thing for everyone to be on holiday at the same time - thus storj could very well setup structures to deal with it .
  2. Storj is is an IT company - and computers don’t take holidays so the implication is the process is a manual one. Which then does not inspire confidence in the process whatsoever.

How long does it take to reflect in the node dashboard?
I have one node that is showing no payout but also zero undistributed payout.

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I’m same. Both my nodes do not have updated undistributed amounts. I’ve tried F5.

Lol an IT company - let alone a cloud based company using a manual process is somewhat disconcerting to me!

I see payout on my dashboard, but I’m opted-in for zkSync. You need to Ctrl-F5, not just F5.
Also the TX link in the payout history is appeared only when I restarted the service and pressed Ctrl-F5.

I tried Ctrl+F5. No difference for me on both nodes. I will try a restart when I need to do some maintenance next.

I’ll opt-out one of the node from zkSync to be in the same boat.

My held amount is $20.98. What a pain. I’ll be coming up on my 15th month though next time so hopefully it’ll push through next month


There are two amounts:

  • the held amount - it is held in your account to cover repair costs in the event of DQ and is calculated as a percentage of earned sum based on node age;
  • the undistributed payout, also called balance, is the amount of all unsent payouts.

I can assume that you mean the balance.

Hey I I know correctly non if the big reliable exchanges accept it.
At least I haven’t heard of a functioning L2 change place.
I bet if someone would set that up most of SNO`s would use that service
We just have to wait and see.

zkSync is getting ready for a big update on july 14th. With that they implement atomic swaps and other cool stuff. And with investors like curve, 1inch or balancer…imo there will be a DEX rly soon.

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Yeah I meant the balance. Wasn’t a complaint or anything, Just funny how close I was.

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People are getting so bossy in here!
Guys, you need to chill out. Storj s very promising but you have to understand it is still under development. Dev teams can’t handle everything at the same time. They need to prioritize and focus on some features VS other ones.
I’ve been an SNO for almost 2 years now and I can tell that Storj Labs teams really do their best to involve the community, to reward (at least the early adopters) it and to communicate with transparency.
But yes, there are still major stakes to handle. Payout process became one of them but I think Storj Labs tried to propose a quite fair new way to handle it (and people are still free to use it or no).
Step by step…


Perhaps because you were an early adopter you have the different opinion.
I see no advantages to using zksync for a smaller SNO if you want a fiat payment. If you want to token speculate then sure it will be fine. If the environment changes and there are actual exchanges that might change the situation but it isn’t where we are now.

For me the manual process cost me the chance to be paid finally. I don’t ask storj to lose money in the process and support the threshold idea. But, at the same time storj should be efficient about it. Come on, do you really think that the idea storj reserves HALF the whole payment period for them to process payments is really valid? It also means the dashboard can also be wrong forup to half a month.