July 5, 2023, Ethereum Layer 1 and zkSync payouts for the month of June are complete

Hello! Payouts for the completed month of June are complete.

First off, there is a new round of payout rate changes just announced, taking effect July 1. Please make sure to read this, and provide feedback at our open for comments thread.

For layer 1 payments, we paid 1,342 unique wallet addresses. There is no specific minimum payment threshold but it appears the pipeline was able to pay out for people who earned $14.68 or more.

For zkSync Legacy payments, we paid 1,822 unique wallet addresses. Everyone who opted into zkSync got a 10% bonus!

We have not yet begun our zkSync Era trial, but we expect our first live zkSync Era payments will go out for July’s payments in the beginning of August. If you want to specify willingness to use zkSync Era, you can do so in a similar fashion to zkSync, by modifying your wallet features configuration. The wallet features value is an ordered list and can include multiple values. Here is how you would specify preferring zkSync Era to zkSync Legacy, and zkSync Legacy to layer 1 in your config file:

operator.wallet-features: ["zksync-era", "zksync"]

And here is how you would specify it on the command line:


If you don’t want zkSync Legacy and want payments to fall back to layer 1 directly, only add zksync-era to the list of supported wallet features for your node.

Across all layers, we paid 3,157 unique addresses. As always, if you have more questions, please make sure you’ve read through our mega FAQ .

The policies put in place regarding bonuses for nodes operated in Ukraine are still in place.

UPDATE: It appears we had a configuration rollback and some egress payments had the April rates applied instead of the May and June rates. All told, we spent an extra $4378.71 across all Satellites due to this misconfig, which is well within normal fluctuations, so we didn’t notice. We’ve put steps in place to eliminate this type of misconfiguration going forward. Happy surprise extra bonus!


You have to look at ERC 20 transfer fee not ETH fees.


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This has been changed to 10% a while ago.

@Alexey am I remembering wrong or was this doc overlooked in the change?

We wanted to change to 10% but have not yet, so it’s still 25%.

At the time of payment completion, Gas had fallen to around 53 GWei and Ethereum was $1898. We had a couple of transactions go out when gas prices were down around 14 GWei yesterday, but then gas prices climbed and didn’t come back down. With the assumption that an ERC20 transfer takes about 36,508 gas units (which is a generous assumption! sending to contracts takes more), then a transaction would cost $3.67, which means that payments wouldn’t go out below $14.68. I agree that gas prices were even lower a few days ago, but most of the payments happened in the last 12 hours, which was the soonest we could do them.


Before doing the zksync-era network configuration I’m looking for information.
I don’t see the contract listed on the zksync website to add it to the wallet

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I had changed my payout to zksync-era and zksync and my node dashboard correctly shows this.

Question(s) about this and payouts to zkSync:

  1. zkscan shows a transaction on my zksync wallet address from 2 days ago for X storj. OK.
  2. I do not see this amount added to my metamask wallet.
  3. I also noticed that the wallet address for for zksync-era, while technically the same as the zksync wallet, has 1 capitalized letter in the address. ETH wallets are case insensitive, but the capital letter can act as a checksum. If the zksync-era address didn’t have this capitalized letter, it should fail, so then does the payout then go to the zksync-lite address?
  4. It seems like this difference in address should be documented/noted clearly.

Thanks in advance.

We did not send out any zksync Era payouts yet, only regular zksync


You need to use the metamask webbrowser - I assume you use a phone app metamask?

No, I use the web browser.

Update: I use the browser extension primarily. I found them…

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