July payout is missing

I earned some during the month of July but never got a payout to my wallet but I saw posts of others getting there payouts. I am owed at this point. Wallet address is correct. Where did it go? I had zkSync setup as well.

Per the official docs, there’s a two week period that payouts can occur in as everything is validated and tallied. Searching the forums shows that historically, it’s almost always done before the 11th. Patience is a virtue (and so is searching).


This month was made on friday, on the node page you can find zksync button, it will show you.

In that case, the important question to ask is whether it’s zkSync Lite or Era they’re opted into - as I understand it Era payouts aren’t happening yet? That’s the one I’m opted into since I don’t mind waiting, though OP wasn’t clear on which they chose.

I guess @Eleos meaning a finished payout on the dashboard. It will be updated on the next day after the payout will be completed to everyone. Only then will the satellites send receipts to the nodes, and your node will update the dashboard only after restart. Usually this happens automatically with the next update.
The payout can be checked on zkscan.io block explorer or explorer.zksync.io for zkSync Era.

So July payouts haven’t gone out yet then right?

zkSync Era as primary, zkSync as fallback.

There will be an announcement, when it will be completed. You may restart the node on the next day, if you wouldn’t see an update on the dashboard.
However, you likely already received your payout, check your wallet address on both zkSync block explorers.

I’ve checked on my wallet app and etherscan. Though I’m guessing it won’t be on Era explorer because it’s not implemented yet.

You need to check on the zkSync block explorer, not in your wallet or Etherscan.
Please check there:

zksync.io returns Nothing found for query when inputting my wallet address. explorer.zksync.io returns This account doesn’t have any balances.

I’m so confused, maybe I’m missing something here haha. https://lite.zksync.io/ also shows no balances.

Then make sure that you have a green checkmark for zkSync on your dashboard and wait for announcement.
If you opted-in for zkSync in a previous month and would not receive a payout after August 15, you may file a support request on https://support.storj.io/
If you opted-in in the current month, then it will be applied in the next payout period.

I have opted in for zkSync Era and zkSync Lite as a fallback. On the dashboard, it shows a green checkmark for zkSync Era only. I opted in near the end of July or Aug 1st.

This is important difference. If you opted-in in July, it will be applied to the current payout, if in August, then only in the next payout.
But let’s wait until the current payout is completed.

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I am in the same situation, I have not received my payment in zksync era

Is there a minimum to charge in this network like the L1 of ethereum?

I had only configured the zksync network was and it shows correctly in the dashboard

I believe zkSync Era payouts are not implemented yet, so it’s better to have both versions of zkSync in your wallet features option

If you configured it like this back in July 2023, you likely received your payout to zkSync Lite, so check your address on its block explorer: zkscan.io, or click the button View on zkScan on your dashboard.

Please see the zkSync Era update here: August 8, 2023, Ethereum Layer 1 and zkSync payouts for the month of July are complete

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Thank you, now I have received the payment in the ethereum network as a fallback network

I will keep the configuration of this node to receive payments on the zksync era network.

By the way, I can’t find information about the storj contract to add the token to my wallet, where can I find it?

One thing we hope to do is get listed by default on the zkSync Era bridge. Still working on that. If we get that nailed down then we’ll use that contract on the Era platform.

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