July Payouts for the month of June 2020 are out!

Yes I am.
It’s 25% gains on Q1, 50% in Q2 and 75% on Q3.
Still…just in held amount in 1 node I have more than what was paid.

Have you looked at using a batching contract to send the payments?

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if I understand this correctly all payouts will be combined to a single payout from all the satellites for all the nodes running by a single sno

yes, that seems to be the case, if so, June payouts are way lower than before, kind of disappointing…

let’s hope this month will be better

  • Withdrawal (SNO willing to pay gas)
  • Minimum threshold to send payout
  • Current batch processing

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That would be awesome. Previous years I have just download the transactions for the year from Etherscan along with historical Storj/USD prices then ran a vlookup comparison along with a bit of extra Excel functions to get my revenue for the year. For 2019 it took me about 2 minutes. Although a CSV download from the dashboard would lower that barrier of entry for gathering all that information.

Wonder if a script could be built to tie into the API to gather that…

You could write a script that opens all databases on all nodes and extracts the payment information but every such solution is just a 3rd party solution.

Use StorJ token to pay the gas fee via a contract.

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I absolutely agree with @BrightSilence post and can’t add more.

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Same here. @BrightSilence nailed it perfectly!

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Hi All,

As @BrightSilence wrote a very good summary, I completly agree with that, but I would add something to the minimum payout system. I think it would be better to create a hybrid solution, a minimum value which could be x dollars, for example: I make 2-4 usd in a month so even 10 usd would be months to reach which I’m not sure I want to wait as I convert storj to btc and use it on exchanges. So an User Defined minimum should be nice, also next to that an option where the User can withdraw immidiately with paying the fees or with the next monthly payout without paying the fees.

@Cmdrd @kevink I would like to suggest you to make a separate idea there: https://forum.storj.io/c/parent-cat/sno-feature-requests-voting/38 with tag “payouts”

simplifying payouts is fantastic, I also agree that a min threshold of $1 would further save gas price for payouts.

Just a suggestion, is it possible to send an email receipt of the aggregated payout so that SNOs operating several nodes can get a digest? The digest is surely available anyways for payout calculation I suppose

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I wold sujest threadshold 5$, or Withdraw process, but it shold be avaleble 24/7, event in the midle of month then. So money could tick all the time to internal account, like on dashboard every day accounting.

So people can decide doesh thay withdraw them, or use for storage renting. then will be less overhead fees at all.

I like the idea of SNOs being able to pay for tardigrade service directly from their SNO earnings without all the transfer fees. I run a small node, only about 1 TB right now, and I use it to pay for tardigrade as an offsite backup service.

Many months ago I temporarily joined an etherum mining pool and did some GPU mining for a week or two(they had a minimum payout threshold I had to reach so it took a while) to be able to get enough ETH(to pay for transfer fees) to be able to send my storj token back to storj to pay for tardigrade.


Hi Mark,
I think this is a great idea! Would you mind making this a post on our ideas page? https://forum.storj.io/c/parent-cat/5
Cheers, Jennifer


Done. Voting is enabled at the link below.


I wonder what would happen if Storj would include an ETH miner into their software.
Either so a SNO could mine for himself or a joined account for all existing SNOs which could be used to pay the gas for Storjs monthly transactions.

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Bad ideas. Some SNOs are using RPi. Mining takes lot of power and ETH hashrate isn’t going down.

Joined account will be drained as soon as it goes up. It would be waste of dev resources IMO.

Hi @jtolio,
When is the GE payout supposed to be completed?
I successully compleyed GE for 1 satellite in mid June and didnt receive the full withheld amount.

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