June 10, 2020: May 2020 SNO payouts are complete

May payments are completed

Please also check https://forum.storj.io/t/update-on-june-2020-payouts/7473 to learn about changes to the payouts process Thank you!

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weird! usually it does show up inthe OneBox when I paste a link. thanks for noticing and adding that updated comment @kevink

I have received 2 satellites payments on 5.
Is it normal?

Please read the linked topic in the first and second post.


Yes I did.
I have received only 0,52+0,02$
Normally, I must received more than 2$ at least compare to what was announced on the dashboard 6€ held amount…

my payout also looks slightly on the low side… but i’m guessing that it’s because of the 14 days of near zero traffic, so not really far from what i should expect.

and then on top we got x1.60 on the previous month, so a full node would most likely be at about 25% of the previous month payout…

you could ofc check the numbers… sadly the dashboard doesn’t really support checking your traffic for the previous months… but the data should be accessible in the api

I would like to suggest you to take a look on the payout information on your dashboard and compare with what you have received.
Also, you can check a correctness with

It’s what I explained in my second post:

Other thing, my Storj node work for me since 3 months.
Here what I have win approximately:
Month 1: 17 storj
Month 2: 5 storj
Month 3: 4 storj
It becames less and less.
Is there an explanation?

I assume that all those values are very small compare to other one, but you must understand that I will not do more investment if I cannot already have a little pay back first.

We are always suggesting to do not do any investments in the first place. You should use what you have now and what will be online anyway, in this case all income is a pure profit.
However, it’s up on you to decide regarding investments.

Please, give me your NodeID and wallet, also report from Earnings calculator for the month May 2020.

If you have had a different wallet before the current one - we need to check it too. It could be possible, if you have changed your wallet after the end of May, that your payouts could go to a previous wallet.
If you do not want to check it publicly, you can file a ticket: https://support.storj.io

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I have send you a private message with the requested informations and also a picture of the 31 of may of the my dashboard
Normally, 2,09$.

Please, use a calculator for the month May and compare the amount with paid amount.
You can see the May earnings and payout on your dashboard in the “Payout information”.

Seems I got where is confusion. The Current Month Earnings shows the information before the withholding. There is no held back line at all, only the Gross Total.
The Payout Information or the calculator should show the right numbers for May with held back line.

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