Linkshare Object Map is live!


Wow that is rally cool!

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works perfect :slight_smile:


Brilliant, I’m sure many have been waiting for this functionality!

By the way, why does it say 4 posts on the sliders on the right when I see only 3 posts? (This is before I post this one)

Waited a while for this, great to see. :muscle::+1:

I definitely LOVE it!!!

My Gull is all over the World!


This was the perfect opportunity for a RickRoll.


So if I well understood, the tool that generates and displays the map is installed on satellites? Or is it installed on another Tardigrade server?

It’s a linksharing service, it is there since alpha. But now it’s showing a map of pieces.


I think it would be a great feature to be able to create a link that only shows the files distribution without the requirement to actually share the file.


There is a problem when generating the map for big files. It takes too long:

It took 3 minutes and 11 seconds to create the map for this link.


This seems to have been fixed. The map is loading much faster now.

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What happened to the map:


Looks like some UI design student tried to be real smart and fancy :see_no_evil:


the problem is that if you know where nodes are you can use that information for whatever…

the UI of the map maybe a bit overkill, but maybe they had a problem related to it.
sure won’t be giving out to much information now lol

i can barely see what continent i’m on :smiley:

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The IP to location database is very inaccurate. My node was showing close to 200 miles away from it’s actual location.

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depending on what people are trying to do with the information, the correct location of the SNO’s might be irrelevant.

like say if one was trying to ddos the network, it might be very useful to have a semi good understanding of what nodes to hit to do the most damage.

i don’t know why they changed it, but i think it was a good idea, even if it was a bit overkill.
no point in giving people information that might be able to hurt the network… and there really isn’t much need for anyone aside from storj to have a map like that.

ofc there is an argument to be made for people being able to make it themselves, but every little extra workload that is required to hurt the network helps protect it a little bit.

What’s worse it seems that it is going to stay like this. :cry:
A really nice view ruined.