Looking for feedback - should we... Show Allocated or Settled bandwidth on the project dashboard

Hey Everyone!

We have updated the project dashboard a few times in the past to show either the allocated bandwidth or the settled bandwidth but both of these approaches have caused confusion and has led to some support tickets for our team. We wanted to ask you all for feedback on this topic. We have a few options we could go with for this project dashboard

  1. Show allocated bandwidth
  • allocated bandwidth is something specific to our product, users may not be familiar with this concept, this would also show more bandwidth than what the customer might actually use so they might be confused about their usage.
  1. Show settled bandwidth
  • settled bandwidth is what the customer actually pays for, this is almost always going to be delayed a few hours to a few days so if the customer downloads a 1 GB file and immediately goes to check the dashboard they most likely will NOT see any usage, this can confuse the customer.
  1. show both allocated and settled
  • we would need explain our bandwidth concepts to the users, they may not be familiar.
  1. 4 something we haven’t thought of yet
  • This is why we are asking for feedback hehe help us solve this problem for our customers.

Please let us know what you think!


I’m not exactly an end-user person. But as far as I understand, the “allocated” bandwidth is like blocked funds on a credit card? If so, I’d say that if even credit card companies put the effort to explain what it is, and why it is there, then it shouldn’t be a problem to Storj either with a user base that is likely more technical than an average credit card user. Use credit card analogies and you’ll be fine.

Besides, if both numbers affect the user, then both should be presented.


i would refer to how power companies show and calculate it.
they most likely settled on the most efficient way to relay such numbers a long time ago.

like power storjlabs provide a highly variable service over time which is exactly the same as a power company.

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I like the above example of the credit card company. I frequently have a ‘pending’ amount shown which reduces my available balance when an amount is held/blocked, along with the transactions which have been confirmed.

The power company bill is one of the most notoriously hard to read in the UK so I’m not sure StorJ should try to emulate them.

Option 3 for me. More detail with tool-tip explanations should make it the easiest to understand.


Could you please share the figma design or screenshots of it?

Then you should make that instant.

Due to the decentralised nature of the network that isn’t possible. The storagenodes have to submit the orders back to the satellite.


We dont have mockups just yet but they would be the same the numbers would just be different

Exactly! and this could take 5 minutes or a couple of days and the satellite does not control that