Low storage usage

Hey There People!

Finally I made it.

My name is Tass, I work in IT as an Engineering Manager atm, we develop Navigation Systems for the Automotive Industry.

I am following Storj project for years now. I tired it back years ago, then I stopped because life was busy, but I never stopped following its progress.
When the project reached its easier to setup up state I joined in.

I am a node operator since July I guess, first payment was in august. I just checked.
My nodes never went offline since then, I have 100& suspension and audit scores. online scores are always are between 97-99%.

I run 2 nodes.
1 on a synology DS918+ with 5TB allocated to one node. (running in docker)
1 on a raspberry pi 4b 8gb that has external orico 5 bay hdd enclosure that has multiple drives connected to it, but currently only running a 2tb node.
Have Gigabit Internet without any bandwidth limit, running whole enterprise grade unifi networking setup. (everything is fine and running real well, UPS etc. - All Gucci.)*

I am really proud to be part of this network, this project to decentralize storage is an amazing way to basically build a super storage around the world.

I follow crypto currency topics, know about mining, know about projects built on top of Ethereum and I know about the scalability issue that currently Ethereum network is facing.

Now for the question part and the reason I have joined to forums. :slight_smile:

With the hardware, internet, infrastructure I have, I really should have higher storage usage.
For a very long time now, I only have 1.45 tb used on both nodes and this is basically not growing at all, or at a rate that is currently not so appealing for me.

I am wondering why this might be, I am not having any error reports, Nodes are running fine. Is this because there are few Tardigrade clients or am I doing something wrong that I do not know about?

I really wish to support this network, not for the money but to help storj network grow, but this way it feels like a just a waste of hardware resources. (at least on my Synology) The raspberry is fine.

Having a disk array on synology up and running 0/24 with 2 500 gb ssd cache drives, with the low amount of IO is just a constant stress put on the hardware and not seeing the benefit I am providing for the network just demotivates me.

As I said, I only wanted to support the network, having some Storj coins flowing in is just an extra.
I would like to see this network grow on client side, so the operator side can be happy and see their disks filled, but this is sadly not happening.

Could some1 give me an update on when can we expect more Tardigrade clients?

Thanks again for having me and taking the time to read,

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I like that. Tardigrade S3 = Super Storage Service :partying_face:

Hello @Saintdogz,
Welcome to the forum!

Please, make sure that your have a latest version of the storagenodes (at least 1.22.2).
If no, please upgrade them: https://documentation.storj.io/setup/cli/software-updates#manual-updates
Then configure an automatic upgrade: https://documentation.storj.io/setup/cli/software-updates#automatic-updates

I have watchtowers running next to both nodes. Was updated always.

This does not answer my questions posted above tbh. :slight_smile:
I had my nodes updated all the time, online 0/24 with good hardware and good internet, good infrastructure.

I think you’re not doing anything wrong. There’s simply too many SNOs for current demand, that’s all ^^’

Network activity is kinda quiet these days, for all of us.

You should still see your storage usage grow day after day, but very slowly ^^’

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If he says “not growing very long time” and also says “operating since july” we should belive it.

My nodes get a fresh 20gb data every day since a week.

It should be something else.

@Saintdogz please check your docker logs (storagenodes logs basically). Do you have any upload/download in the logs? Do you see any error message?

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Okay but how much deletions also take place? This could make effective ingress way lower than that ^^
I don’t have figures coz’ I’m not monitoring my nodes with precise tools, but I see there are lots of deletes these days.

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yeah may 7TB node got as many deletes as ingress over the last 6 hours and often it’s even more deletes than ingress…

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Srsly Kevin?

I know you an expert in this topic, and I belive you, but how come?

My old little shitty crapp RPI4 never had a less than 0 netto income. Gimme a sec, I make a daily netto income graph

Actually I never had such a good days like in the past 2 weeks

But definetley we just can’t say that: my node are not getting any data “long long time ago”. The guy should have an other issue.

Well good for you then.
My node had a net sum of 1GB over the last 24 hours:

But not every day is like that, I do get a little bit of surplus but it’s not much. at least not on this >20months old node.
On the other, smaller nodes, I do get more surplus.

I never speculated about his issue. Just confirmed that there are lots of deletes these past weeks.

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I usually do not ask that, but what is your success rate?

Thanks for taking it seriously.

Yes logs are fine, I am sending and receiving. Everything works fine.

I have a same kind of issue, not getting enough data despite of good setup which is running flawlessly.
SIA node on the same network and with a similar pricing is doing nearly 3 times better right now. It used to be the other way around. I’m not saying SIA is doing good - it’s not. I am saying, Storj is doing horrible and I am yet to find out why.


Lack of customers I guess.


Hello @zolbarna,

What is the software than you use for your graph ?
I use DB Browser for SQLite but your graph is better mine

That’s grafana with a prometheus database

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Just wanted to let you know that I am stopping my nodes next month.
This is not worth it for me to keep my synology disk drives spinning 0/24 and my cache drives working 0/24.
My nodes work fine.
I have 2 nodes.
Synology has 5tb,
Raspberry has 2tb,
Always updated nodes to latest version, im connected to the network, everything works fine and i have 0/24 uptime with gigabit internet.
I am stuck at 1.5tb disk space used and drives are not really being filled up.
My last payment was in 2020 December.

It was a great Journey, I am keeping my nodes online until i get my next/last payment, then il transition to something more useful.



Hi @Saintdogz,
If you GE from the satellites available (to recover held back amount), then delete the data from the other satellites (to get disqualified) - you have no way to earn more StorJ so the final payout should be sent next month.

That is really a bad and sad result. Storj needs more customers. Everything has gotten really quiet…
But maybe you wanna keep going for a bit as

If this does not result in a visible increase of usage or at least awareness so there is hope for more customers then it looks really really bad.


I know how the system works.
I just want to keep it active as my final “contribution” to the network.