MAR 10, 2020: Februay SNO payouts are complete

and also if the sattelite wil be down the need to pay out als the hold amound also from like the last 4 or 5 moths right ?

It’s not an even split 1/4 split… it’s the last week of orders.

My node got more traffic later in the month. So, my payout this month included a larger than 1/4 share of last month’s payout… similarly, last month was a little lower than 3/4 share.

My rough calculation is fairly close to what I received.


That was it. I thought that would be a decent estimate. It was not. I went back to check last months payout to see what I missed and it was much more than I expected. So that explains the difference. I was missing more than 1/3rd of the payout for last month. Which was paid out now.


Ah good to know. Thanks guys. I didn’t check how much I was expecting last month. So it wasn’t linear over the month… alright :smiley:

Looks like something is wrong with the stefanbenten satellite payments (0x66f0b890c2bf6d71756f03fd3b2aad18b39775ec) - my node earned 40’000 the amount of my girlfriends node, and we have similar stats.

I have no idea what you mean here, but I would once again refer you to the earnings calculator to see whether you are correct about the expected payout. Keep in mind that if you didn’t start both nodes at the same time there also may be a different held back percentage in play.

We started the nodes around the same time and received more or less the same amount of STORJ per month - except for last month, where I received over 900 STORJ, and she received like 0.02 STORJ.
I don’t need a calculator to figure something is wrong…

Good morning everyone! There are quite a few points I am going to try to address from the last 12 hours or so of conversations you all have had:

  • Multiple payouts per node: We recently automated the Storage Node Operator payout calculations we do every month and in that process, we decided to switch over to multiple transactions per wallet (1 transaction per node) because in this new payout process once the payouts are completed we feed “receipts” back into the satellite so that the satellite can essentially reconcile the payments and update the data we have for each of the nodes. Part of the reason we are doing this is so that we can display more information about the payouts on the Storage Node Dashboard for our SNO’s.
  • Concern over transaction fees because of multiple payouts per wallet: This is definitely something we are keeping in mind and we are exploring possible solutions for how to make sure the transaction fees are not too expensive. just to put this month’s payouts into perspective we are spending less than $500 USD for almost 40K transactions on the Etheruem network so it is still manageable for us. Some ideas we have been exploring is having a minimum payout and some advanced smart contract stuff that would allow SNO’s to cashout when every they would like.
  • Stefans Satellite: Stefan’s satellite has been around since we launched our first alpha and his satellite has played a tremendous role thus far. We have used it for extensive testing, making sure we are building out the satellite in a way that makes it possible for anyone to run, giving us a benchmark to compare the other satellites we run, and making sure we are uploading/ download enough data on the network to ensure our SNO’s are getting decent payouts while we have been in pre-production. It has not been formally communicated to everyone what will happen with Stefan’s satellite but one thing we are doing is moving more of our testing/ uploading/ downloading efforts to the salt lake city satellite.
  • Salt lake city satellite: This is a new testing satellite we spun up to do load testing, stress testing, can upload/ downloading on the network with. This satellite is only going to be used by Storj employees.
  • Last months payout vs this months payout: Last month we paid out SNOs about $160k this month we are paying out SNOs about $115K

I hope this clears up some of the confusion please let me know if you have any other questions!


Payouts are still continuing… you sure there are five payments each node?

I will also post on this thread when payouts are completed; so please hang tight until then!


Have you checked the dashboard to see all is good on the node and it isn’t disqualified? The earnings calculator can show you what the amount should have been. If it also displays a small amount there is something wrong with the node and not the payouts. It would help narrow things down.

But most important, make sure all 5 payouts from each satellite have been completed.

This just means you got your payout before your girlfriend…Doesnt mean the payments are done being sent.


That’s about a 98% discount compared with ACH…

I still don’t understand why more businesses aren’t using Ethereum to pay employees.

Does this payouts contains Steefen benten escrow amount? or escrow will be pay when stefen benten will shut down?

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@Vadim it will be paid back if or when that satellite is shutdown.


can you please check if the Salt lake city satellite also ipv6 ready is this is verry imported for the future i think

I may be wrong… but I think it’s the connecting clients and not just the satellite that need to be IPv6… I would imagine that all satellites are running dual stack.

Here’s my node’s outgoing IPv6 traffic for the last 30 days…


that is correct the clients is the most imporatant that the support ipv6 but the sattelite is also some importend for invites,
with the stefan benten sattelite i had around 12 to 20 gb outgoing traffic a day and now the stefan sattelite is almost down i get around 0.5 gb a day

Hey everyone February payouts have been completed!


Here is an answer to my question:

Thanks, @jocelyn! :slight_smile: