March payment drastically low?

Hi guys,

Just received my 5 payments from sat’s for march, looking at the data moved across my node in march, it should have been by far my biggest payment so far, as nearly filled my 2tb node up that month, and was showing multiple TB’s of data in/exgress on the dashboard…but have been paid a total of around 80 storj…previous months (jan / feb) where I have had alot less data, I was paid 360, and 530 storj…why has it dropped so drastically in march? or will there be another payment run from the same satellites still to come?

January was an exceptional good month and February’s payout included the last week of January.

Without the real numbers nobody will be able to help you. “multiple TB’s of data in/exgress” doesn’t mean anything as ingress is not paid. In what month is your node for each satellite? How many TB*h did your node store? How much egress bandwith did it use?

You can use the earnings calculator to check. It’s quite spot on for me every month.

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My payment seems low too.
I received (from one satellite) $4.64 with ~990GB Stored (according to TB/h) and 450GB egress (with 25% held back).
Maybe there is something wrong with the held back rate?

Edit: shows $7.68

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Well what im saying, is my node did hugely more TB/H in march, than it has in ANY previous month, yet my payout is less than a 1/5 of previous months payouts?

Has something changed?

Was pleased with my previous payouts, but this month would question the worth of the disk wear / power etc.


Burst payout is over. However my payout was also low. I will leave with all my nodes. Only one node I will running

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Yes, seems like the additional power costs are equal or higher than the earnings. So it would be more “profitable” to put the HDDs back into the shelf.


You still fail to give us real numbers. What are we supposed to do with “hugely more TB/h in march”?

BTW its TB*h and not TB/h. It’s a big difference.

It has always been said, don’t run a server solely for storagenode. Use a server which runs anyway and has spare hard disk space.

Maybe your held amount is not 25% and rather 50%? What does the “FIRST CONTACT” column say for each satellite in the

The problem is that since V.1.1.1 update there’s no data befero April!
I am having issues with that… And my storagenode started in december!

Me too I find the payment of March very low compared to what I had to have according to my data downloas and upload. I realize that ultimately it is not at all profitable to let a node turn. I know no one who lets his pc run 24/7 for fun. if we count the wear and the electricity, we are in loss.
the only people who can are those who have servers running or laos des Nas nothing more.

Most of January data was upload test data paid at 20$ per TB + surge payout leading to a non realistic scenario. Lately our HDs are getting filled with test data paid at $1.5 / TBm.
Of course, when your HD is full, upload test data will stop.

Please, run the calculator

for each month in question and compare your payout with caculations. FYI - the surge pricing is over, but we have a one-time surge pricing for the March:

please explain to me then the payment from my data from March, Thank you! because I don’t understand at all

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Please, click on each transaction and write down the sum in $$ on date of payout (click on it for that).
From your report:
Your node is old for almost all satellites, so you can take a calculated amount from the MONTH 10+ column for all satellites but saltlake.
For Saltlake it is two months old, so the column “MONTH 1-3”
Wallets of satellites you can take from there

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Thank you for the information but I don’t see any correspondence with my March payment table from

did we get a bonus x2.6?

Seems so

And you are complaining about low payment? Some people…

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Unless you redirect log messages to a file, it will be lost when you restart the node. The earnings calculator and the dashboard doesn’t need the logs though, it’s all stored in the database.

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Well something happen … maybe somebody can clear it … like what happen different since last month payment ? i got half payment to … TB*h was bigger Ingress and Egress bigger then previous month … i always get bigger payment with every month … my node is old so i dont see a reason why payment should be less since bandwidth and disk space used never goes down just up … so payment usually only gets bigger ( if no BIG BONUS in previous months ) … so … what happen this month ? whats new ? what changed ? Dont answer with “Please, run the calculator” … i`m sure you know something changed !!! Better explain what so people can understand …