May I use wireless node?

I have situation when I can not use cable connection. Can I use Wi-Fi wireless connection and what settings or software need to be installed in this case?

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Yes, you can. Although it will be less reliable, is a little bit more power intensive and adds some latency. But if you don’t have other options, just go for it. No special settings or software needed.

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You can check this guide. Some of the settings apply to wifi too.

Also, if your router and pc supports 5GHz connections, set unique name for it, not common with 2.4GHz, and link the PC with autoconnect when in range only to 5GHz.
This prevents the PC to keep switching between bands and is the fastest between the two.

You can also enable QoS and allocate a dedicated bandwith for Storj, disable Guess network if you don’t use it, play with security settings, disable WPS, use AES encryption, wpa2/3 psk, etc, disable DDoS prevention, play with advanced wifi settings etc. But read some guides and understand what all those do, first.

On PC, play with the power settings; set optimise for performance for wifi, etc. You don’t want the wifi card to go to sleep, and you want maximum performance for it.

To add. If you would use an old WiFi protocols which are able to connect only on 54Mbps, your actual throughput wouldn’t be greater than 36Mbps, and they do not “like” multiple parallel transfers either. Just be aware of it.

Indeed, in that case spending $5 might be worth it. But that is only an issue of the hardware is far before 2014.

But usually, the network/internet speed isn’t the bottleneck. Since most drives even won’t perform in the 36Mbps range in random IO.

The main issue here is inability to handle dozens parallel connections.

That’s the problem. I have 300 Mbps router, but my LAN card is just 100 Mbps. Have you ideas?

Using the 100Mbps LAN card, because it’s comparable to 200Mbps WiFi and also more stable (alsoo not so much to win, if WiFi is at maximum 300Mbps; LAN probably is better either way). Furthermore 100Mbps probably will suffice.

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100Mbps are plenty for a storagenode. You must take into account the internet speed as well; if you have like 50Mbps up and down WAN, that’s the bottleneck.
How old is that PC? What are the components? I’m courious?

I browsed through your posts, and I foud parts of your machine spread across many topics :grin:.
You could centralise it in a single topic, with all the components, mobo, cpu, ram, ports, slots, hdd, cards, internet speed, software, etc. and ask us what to impruve, or how to make the best of your system. Just to let us understand the whole setup.
From what I found, you have:

  • old PC
  • linux
  • lan card 100Mbps
  • wifi card ?Mbps (how many antenae?)
  • 2TB IDE HDD.
    What’s your energy price $/KWh?

Not to forget to mention the fact, there it a 300Mbps router involved (WiFi 4?) and TS is already on the edge of giving up.

As his name and also Storage pool he mentioned in another thread and NTFS, it’s Windows and not Linux.

I believe it’s Linux though despite the author’s nickname:

But I hope @X64win doesn’t use NTFS on Linux, because it’s not native and will work much slower than on ext4 and filesystem would be corrupted much more often and requires to boot to Windows to fix it.

Interestingly, he’s using a Windows Storage Pool…

At least a little bit confusing…
Sounds like I’m in the edge of giving up too… :wink:

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Perhaps two setups, or one after another on the same old hardware, who knows except the author :slight_smile:

I hope we’re not going the “Gameboy can mine BTC” route with Storj. :smile:

Wrong information you found. I ask about for second node on old machine.

I have Win10, 4 Gb RAM, 2 TB SATA HDD, 2 Core CPU, 100 MBps LAN, 300 Mbps router. 100 Mbps internet connection. I think it’s more but I check speed of it and see about 96 - 98 MBps network connection.

The speed of your internet channel to the closest location doesn’t matter too much, the more important the speed between your node and the customers across the globe. Since you cannot be close to everyone, some races would be loosen.