Migrate Existing Node with Windows 10 Powershell

Hey All,

I’ve looked for steps to move my node to another hard-drive in windows using powershell. I’ve read the FAQ (which is not very informative — I found clearer steps in the forum, however, in Ubuntu.).

The clearest steps are here

Now I would like to do the same thing but in windows. Can I use the same commands?

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Yes, you can. But not in Powershell, in the Ubuntu shell of WSL.

  1. Enable WSL
  2. Install Ubuntu from the Microsoft Store
  3. Install/Enable SSH server on the new server (Windows can have a SSH service too)
  4. Use the same commands from the Ubuntu shell

For Cmd/Powershell there is another option:

  1. copy identity to a new server
robocopy /MIR "$env:AppData\Storj\Identity\storagenode" \\server2\storj\identity
  1. run robocopy while the node running
robocopy /MIR y:\storj\storage \\server2\storj\storage
  1. Run it a few more times.
  2. When the difference is negligibly - stop and disable the storagenode service (or stop and remove the container in case of docker)
  3. Run robocopy /MIR one more time
  4. Start the node on the new server
  5. Uninstall the storagenode on the old server (in case of Windows GUI)
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Thank you Alexey,

These instructions are clear. I’ll try them now.

Do I also copy the other files in the main directory, e.g., revocations.db, kademlia ect.?


Yes. All data should be copied, including databases. Just copy the whole folder with data

Hey Alexey, It seems that for one file i get an access denied. Thus I can’t completely clone my database to another drive. It is strange since last week this was successful… I also tried running powershell as admin without success. Any ideas?

This piece is uploading to your node right now. The Windows doesn’t allow to touch files open for write by another process

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