Minimum Threshold for Storage Node Operator Payouts

Gas tracker shows fiat values for eth transactions, token transactions take more gas and about 70% more expensive.

I hope storjlabs will wait it out and not spend money on fees when gas costs so much.

Me too. =(
Small SNO like me, with only 2TB shared (monthly income 6/7$), will get paid only 3 times year if lucky.
I’ve also planned to upgrade to 10TB shared changing all the drive in the server but now I’m riconsidering it.

I’ve played with other Storj competitors but, for me, Storj is the simplest. Fast setup and forget.
But if a solution for the payment will not be found I’m not sure to stay.

What do you think about?


storj need changes or users shutdown a nodes… with 2tb it bad, they need thinks or pay if gass it less…


yeah, ether pumps all the time, gas price is insane
perhaps we would need to postpone the Jan payout till March? :wink:

how about paying node operators in BCH/LTC ? Or other coin with low transaction fees.

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Hi @husanu this has been discussed and the answer is the same


what a gass


Considering Storj goes for near instantaneous payments (read: fast/high), I don’t think anyone will qualify for the the 25% margin mark for Jan '21.

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it’s just hard to really pin point that down…here’s what that shows now…

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and here it is again ~3 hours later. just seems crazy how much this fluctuates.


Just got my Payout, ~25$ transaction fee


Jajajajaj 208 payouts lol this is a joke, less than last mou… good escuse for dont pay users

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Made a mistake and paid me at only 3x transaction fee.

Should change to 10x.

yea yea you can see 208 payments and it 10,5K nodes so serious

I received my payment. But the fees … Ouch.

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So do I understand correctly that anyone below ~100$ for December and January combined will not receive a payout this month?

No. The threshold was unofficially $36 for December earnings to be paid out in January.

If a payout wasn’t made in January, then the combined December and January earnings needed to be above $69.62 for a February payout.

If a payout was made in January, then the January earnings need to be above $69.62 for a February payout.

Yeah, and on next payout month it will definitely hit :100:$ :grimacing:

Dec earnings 5.18$
Jan earnings 6.99$

12.17$… I will never get paid… =(


ny node was started November 2 of 2020 I won’t be seeing a payout until 2022