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I want to mine storj.I have an average of 60 TB Disk space.I have an average of 30-35 mbps download, 4-5 mbps upload internet.There is no faster in the country where I am.
What will be my monthly income according to these calculations?
Thank you.

I think the rough rate most are saying is 3-4 dollars per TB filled but you’ll never fill 60tb on that connection. I’m on something similar and currently have 14tb filled and i’ve been on since v2. Plus as said else where this is not mining.


This is not mining. The difference is that since the services of your node are used by actual customers, you wil not be able to utilize the full capabilities of your node.

I have a two year old node, it has 18TB of data and gets 2-3TB egress per month. This totals $50-60/month. My node always had free space.

However, my noe took that long to accumuate all that data. You probably will not fill 60TB any time soon.

For first couple of months your node will be barely used (vetting period) and you wil get almost nothing (also because of the held amount). Later the node will begin to accumulate data and you will start to get some money for that.

I suggest you use the remaining space for chia or something else in the mean time.


interesting, have some of you moved their HDDs over to the chia network?
How do profits compare?

@kadirphp Sorry to disappoint you, but 60Tb on a single IP isn’t ever going to fill up at this moment because the deletion and ingress rate will meat much sooner.
Non the less it is always good to start small and than expand

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Thanks, @Alexey, that is what I figured, plus they have a huge inflation, too many blocks per day, too much premine, another hot flare kind of project. I will stay with storj of course, been a long time SNO. A little disappointed by ingress low these days, but I will stay


I actually just bought a new 8TB drive because my node will be full soon (200Gb left).
In the meantime I figured why not do some chia mining with it, I started plotting on an old Dell R710 I had laying around.
I think it’s been very profitable for the early miners but now it’s not really worth it.
Plus I don’t really believe in the project, I just wanted to keep my HDD busy before my node is full.

Maybe it’s not worth it to wear out the useful HDD this way


Once the plotting is done, chia uses very little IO.

I used most of the remaining space in my array (that I also use for Storj and other stuff) for chia. If the node (or something else) needs the space, I can delete some plots and free up space in ~100GB chunks.

Chia is a schitcoin but I have a chia node anyway. Storj and chia together seem like a good fit

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@andrew2.hart why bother if you think it is shit?? I predict that chia will go down the drains, it smells like scam. premine - emission rate per day - not sustainable, who will invest that much in the shady whitepaper?


I don’t think it is a scam but they don’t seem to get that owning most of the coin and providing all the software makes them centralized. Then they say it doesn’t and that just makes them a “central authority”

I do the plotting on a bunch of old SSDs in a raid array.
From my understanding the wear is negligible after the space has been plotted, certainly less than a storj node.

try to compete with this guy? He is doing 5000+ plots per day

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Please also review (and fill out) the google-spread sheet that some of the community is filing to compare REAL revenue ammounts.

Spread-Sheet with earnings comparison

So then couldn’t I have multiple nodes running and give each node 10TB for example so that I multiply what storage space I fill by the amount of nodes I’m running? (EX: 3 nodes; 10TB each. That would fill 3x as much as a single 10TB node right?)

Hello @NineWonders ,
Welcome to the forum!

You can run multiple nodes, just use different external ports.
Please note: each new node must be vetted, the unvetted node can receive only 5% of customers’ uploads until got vetted. To be vetted on one satellite the node should pass 100 audits from it. For the one node in the /24 subnet of public IPs it should take at least a month.

We filter out nodes behind the same /24 subnet of public IPs for uploads, so all such nodes will act as a one big node - we want to be decentralized as much as possible.

If you would start several new nodes in the same /24 subnet of public IPs the vetting process could be in the same amount of times longer as a number of such nodes.
Thus it’s better to start the next node only when the previous one almost full or at least vetted.

So from the technical point of view 3 nodes x10TB is equivalent to one node with 30TB with one exception - the vetting could be longer if you start all three at once.
But there is another point - three almost empty nodes will consume more power, while the amount of data will be the same. So, again - it’s better to start a next one only when the previous one almost full. Then the power consuming will grow with data growing.

Please also take a look at Realistic earnings estimator to have an idea how long it may take to fill up all that free space and how much you may earn.