More Bandwidth used than allowed

I allowed 50% of partition for the node on a 1gb network and I cannot use anything in my house. Change the partition cmd out there? I’ve seen examples in the yaml code, do I change it? Would really like to keep the node but I’m a graduate student and need access to my computer… Not even the separate tower used exclusively for this will bring a page up. Bandwidth around 500 and 800gb *hr…in a day. Is this normal at first?

Gbh is not a bandwidth, it is space allocated in your node, with time you hold it. if you have 1 GB and hold for 24h you will get 24GBh. if you need also use ethernet, then you can setup your router to limid your node connection. then you can live some bandwidth for your use. You have 1 GB connection speed? it cant be true, as node never reach this fast. May be your node connected by wifi? then it will eat all of it, wifi is slow connection.

Space used 800 gbr. Not bandwidth

do you use your disk same with OS?

I believe so. It’s all windows.

@malcolmry00 Sorry been working so never got a chance to get back to you after you created your own thread.

So we need to start with some basics to see what is going on. A new node should not get a lot of traffic to start, mostly audits until it get validated, and then traffic will depend on a number of factors.

  1. Internet connection speed. Not your internal network, but the numbers given to you by your ISP. I’m on 750/750. But I really don’t see any impact from SNO on my internet bandwidth as I don’t see usage higher than 30 to 40 MB/s. Right now it’s around 4 to 6 MB/s with some bursts up to about 20 MB/s.

  2. What are you using to route the traffic? What kind of router do you have?

  3. Wired vs Wireless. How is the SNO connecting to your network?

  4. Is the SNO on shared storage with something else? Specs of the hardware you are running the SNO on.

Lets start there. I see @Vadim is already assisting as well. I suspect he will have some of the same questions, but he knows this stuff well.

Run a speed test with SNO off and SNO on, and that should give us some idea where to look next.

So first off how fast is your internet to begin with, You stated you cannot do anything on any computers in the house. Second I can promise you arent anywhere near hitting 800gigs in one day especially as a new node.

If your node is affecting your internet speeds you should look into running a third party app to limit the amount that an application can use.

Before set-up, I had a speed of about 800/800 and I never really used more than 50/50 when I tested my speed. Now I’m down to 3/5 .

I’m using a Google Fiber gfrg200 with an ethernet directly connected. I also have a google storage box that my network wants to say the node is connected, but it’s not.

The SNO IS connected with an increasing rate around 40% accuracy. (Its more everytime I look). 3 of 4 sats connecting.

I have a 1TB duo core Intel tower with a 1gb ethernet, windows 10.

I can’t find a way to limit the routers data but maybe the computer with Windows 10?

Heres your problem a duo core on windows 10 not a good idea running a node. If this system is dedicated to running a node it really should be running in Ubuntu your not going to beable to handle windows 10 with these specs as its going to run this computer to the ground before it even gets started.

Ok, this part is a little confusing. When you run a speed test with SNO disabled you are only getting 50/50? If that is the case something else is affecting your speed. Maybe the CPU on the computer is your bottleneck. Open up task manager and see if the CPU is getting maxed out. And check out the disk latency. I think this system is might not up to the task of running a node.

I have pentium runing 5 nodes, work OK

A pentium what I thought you were using an i5 for running nodes?

1x I5 and 1x Pentium, but it is new pentium on 1151 socket, so it has new stucture

Ahhh, I wondered. Maybe I’ll try another computer another time. I dont even know what ubuntu is. I’m an ancient language graduate, not computer. Lol

Im still going to say the limitation is his cpu as he is using it for other things as well. It could be an older dual core intel cpu not all cpus are created equal. I have a older cpu and it will not run windows 10 very well ontop of running a node plus if it was running a garbage collection it would simple just die. But in ubuntu it runs fine with no gui no issues since I first started my node in may

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Yep, this mean it has also only Sata 2 i think. And if it on same disk with OS, then it desastre.

Yup im going to agree with you there. Best idea if you have an old desktop to run Ubuntu. For sure not windows 10. These days windows on a mechanical drive is undesired, Ill never go back after NVME drive.

I prefer Debian, but if person not know what it is, better not run it at all.

What show your Task Manager in windows?

CPU all the time 100%

Probably but if willing to learn it can be pretty easy to install either of them.