More questions about system requirments

Hi there,

i am new to storj and would like to throw my hardware into the mix.

I have been termpering with two nodes and would like to add a third one. I already read a lot in the forums and on the website. Many questions i had already got clarified, but there is still a big one that i am quite uncertain about and thats what brought me here:

As i understood it, it takes about a full month for my node to be a grown up an accepted member of the storj network. So i conclude that only earliest after 30 days i am able to judge if i setup my nodes the correct way, maybe even longer.

I am aware of the minimum and preferred hardware requirments, but i think my situation is a little different:

I got 72 TB available to me for another two years which i can play aroung with, if beneficial i could pick up the bills after that period. As i read in the requirments this has to result in at least 3 nodes containing 24 TB or less for some redundancy or speed.

In addition i would take care to run those nodes within 3 different /24 subnets, cool. In regards to networking i could go as high as three times dedicated 2,5 Gbit (up and down).

As for cpu and ram i am free to choose. The harddrives consist of ~8TB SSDs and the rest HHDs.

So my question now is: From your experience, and i understood that we are highly dependent
on supply and demand and nobody can predict the future, how should i set this up?

Would it be beneficial to pair my ssds with multiple dedicated cpu cores? Do i need to invest in such an expensive network connection or will 100/100 do just fine? Is 24 TB a good size or would you vouch for more smaller nodes? Do you see any other issues i did not ask about but are worth considering?

Some insighs into performance metrics of already running nodes would be nice.

My motivation is fueld by me beeing in a nice position, where i inherited the storage from a failed project, payed in advanced, and general tempering.

I already looked at SIA project, but for no money in the world i am risking to store unencrypted data with my name beeing on the bill for the server.

So hopefully those questions were alright questions and somebody would like to join me on the discussion :slight_smile:

The community already has beend a great help so far!


Iā€™d say you are way off with this kind of equipment.

As a start you could get a Banana Pi or an Odroid with a 1- 4 TB disk and a DSL line like max 100 up/down.
Yesterday got me 12 GB egress and 17 GB ingress.
Calculate for yourself how long it would take to fill 24 TB. This is for the time being. Nobody can tell the future of it. If Storjlabs will be able to sign some big deals demand can grow. But it is probably never to late to add more disks or increase disk size when it happends.

I would start low and just make sure that your capacity grows with the data that comes in.

Community here is really awesome.