Mount storj as a drive

i want to mount my storj bucket as a drive on 5 laptops.
So we can work directly on this mounted drive on our files together.

Mount storj bucket as drive "x:"

Is there any way to do that?
Thx Dra

Thank you for your fast answer.

Unfortunatelly i am not a programmer to understand that stuff.
Also my auto translation cannot translate all of the shorted words.
So it is a mess as a customer to read that sides and also to setup storj.
Its only for native speaker and programmer …

Next try to describe my need a little bit more detailed:
I want to setup my storj bucket named “Main” on 5 laptops, working with latest W10 and latest W11.
On the 5 laptops my storj should be mounted as drive "X:"

Everyone of the 5 laptops connetcs to that drive at the same time.
All 5 User work on drive "X:" directly together, without a local copy of a file e.g. on drive c:

We have a pretty good internet connection bidirectional 1.000 for fast Down/Uploads, but mostly we work with limited WLAN. Thats limited WLAN is also absolutely ok for storj connections.

Today we are working with “pCloud” a swiss company with nice handy integration.
Download a software, install it in 5 clicks type in your signs and it works.

Is there a short step by step to get storj to work, or not?

I personally use mountain duck and it works great for mounting storj


Hello @Dragon,
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You can use a Mountain Duck (with GUI) to mount a bucket, or you may use rclone mount command.
For Mountain Duck you may use this guide to setup a connection: Cyberduck - Storj DCS Docs, they are products of the same company, so it use the same connection. They have a guide how to mount a bucket: User Interface — Cyberduck Help documentation

For rclone: Rclone - Storj DCS Docs, then install additional software for Windows, described in their documentation for rclone mount command: rclone mount
Then your mount command could look like this:

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full storj:main x:

You may save it as a batch file and run on start, or configure Windows Scheduler to run it on login.


What would the commands be for Linux to make it mount and auto mount on boot up?

I would like to suggest to use rclone mount too.
You may also take a look on Connecting s3fs to Storj - Storj Docs

I am lost. Can you give me the commands I might use to do this? This looks super odd to me and I am new to Linux and still quite a bit new to Storj.

You need to follow linked instructions. I would recommend to try rclone first:

  1. Setup rclone: Getting Started with Rclone Configuration - Storj Docs
  2. Follow instructions on rclone mount

At the end it might look like:

rclone mount storj:my-bucket /home/thereverendd/storj-bucket --vfs-cache-mode full

and your bucket sj://my-bucket will be mounted to the empty folder /home/thereverendd/storj-bucket.

Hello I would like to use also Montain Duck to see the cloud like a file folder in File Explorer on Window… I mean not CyberDuck but the paid software of Montain Duck. But I can’t find the integration or tutorial (I find how to integrate Montain Duck with Wasabi, but not with Storj). How can I do?

Hello, I am very new in here, and I have no experience in tecnical things… also my English is not very good. I would like to integrate the paid Montain Duck integration with Storj. But I cannot find the tutorial and the integrations… I can find how integrate Montain Duck with Wasabi but not with Storj. Then I find how to integrate Storj with CyberDuck (but I am not interested in Cyber duck but in montain duck). Do you know if it is possible and if there are some tutorial that tell how to do step-by-step? Thank you, kind regards, and sorry for my not very good english

Hello @Strimoli,
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  1. Install Mountain Duck.
  2. Generate S3 credentials and endpoint in the Storj console.
  3. In the Mountain Duck tray icon select Open Connection… to add a new bookmark or → Edit Bookmark to change properties.
  4. Provide generated S3 credentials and endpoint from the Storj console to the configuration window for the Bookmark. This window is the same as for Cyberduck, but you may also change Connect mode and Drive Letter options, as you need.
  5. Click Connect.

Update. We have a documentation now:

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