Multinode dashboard data in python

Hi All,

Any of you developed or know how to pull the data that we get in Multinode dashboard in python?

Ref: [Tech Preview] Multinode Dashboard Binaries

I have used uptimerobot but that checks only the port and wont report if the node is down. current Multinode dashboard shows data and also knows if a node doesnt respond or gets 0bytes (down for some reason)

I would like to eventually write my own alerting routine to notify me if the node is truly down.

Grafana based multinodes seem very attractive but have been difficult for me to setup, i did not find end to end complete set of instructions for windows environment.

Thank you.

It would be possible to make API requests against multinode dashboard API similarly how the multinode interface does it. The endpoints are defined here storj/server.go at 155c070837d6ce825d27ffc92190da512acefd34 · storj/storj · GitHub.

However, it’s not a stable API currently. We do have plans to make stable API-s over time and generate OpenAPI specs. In the mean time it might work, we don’t expect things to change very frequently. The only larger change can come when we actually create the stable API.


One problem i see is, if the API fails/times out, we have no clue if the page is coming back with details after a few mins or failed totally. Ajax call that could show the progress of which if node apis failed would be great.

You all are doing great work on this front. keep up the good work though :slight_smile:

I created an issue for tracking the problem Multinode API: report failed requests to storagenodes · Issue #4610 · storj/storj · GitHub. You can add details there what would be an ideal API. However, I’m not sure when we have capacity to figure out a good general purpose multinode API.