Multiple nodes & Drives

Ok so here is my situation. I have multiple drives
I have 2x500gb ssd. 2x1tb 2.5 hhds. 1x750 gb hhd. 1x 2tb hhd
Im trying to figure out how to set up multiple nodes on 1 pc.

I currently have 1pc with my 2tb drive at 1 location 1 router

And I have another pc at a diffrent location set up with my 2.5 1tb hhd

I have the option of setting up another pc at another of the 2 locations. But i was reading in the forums that would do me no good. And satellites would still view it as 1 node. Plus i dont like running multiple pc to get the same results.

It see. To be a mixed conversation on here about running multiple nodes on 1 pc. But does seem a little easier to manage as well as dont have to run another computer.

So my question is can I run multiple nodes on 1 pc and if so how can i run multiple dashboreds work? And would i need to set up a new ip for each node?

2nd if i set up a second pc on 1 of 2 location can i re-use my current no-ip address? And would it be best to set up after my 1st computer node is full?

How much is the energy cost per kwh for you?

are they CMR or SMR? type?

Yes, you give an other port for your router and node to use.

no, its the port and identity that differentiates them.

Linux Or windows ? (20 characters)

SMR Drives
$ 0.09 KWH

Windows on both. Pc.

there are some big “if” here.

assuming the drives won’t disturb the other nodes, the 1 Tb one will get you 15$ A year.

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I believe you mean 1TB :slight_smile:
@duramax4win you may also use docker:

yes I mean 1 TB
I’ll look into docker

For port configuring you may use this guide: