My earnings, FYI

I have hosted storj for months on a very fast dedicated server with 99.9% uptime.
FYI, this is my earning so far.

(And the total cumulative earnings for the last 6 months is less than $1, epic)

Not really sure what your trying to show here? Getting paid isn’t based only on uptime but having storage used and egress traffic ingress traffic is not paid. You need to goto payout information and select each satellite to see how much you get paid for each.

I started a new node less then a week ago and has the same amount of data as you theres no way this is a node thats been running for months.
Old node
New node

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close to zero.
Storj eats up huge disk space and sometimes give big IO ops on my server, but the earning is a joke, not even enough for the maintenance.

Ive made more then enough to support the nodes and power, Im not even sure what your even talking about. Your refering to your dashboard that just came out this month and it says 0…

I said the total earning for previous 6 months is less than $1.
There is the earning calculator you are referring about. The forum just disallows me to post two pics in one post. So i’ll pass.
What I’m saying is, the payout mechanism is ridiculous.

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You have barely any space used what did you expect to make millions of dollars a month on 500gigs of space?

If you go by this you will be disappointed sorry.

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It doesn’t eat up huge disc space according to your screenshot. If it is from today it shows that you stored on average 180GB this month (53TB*h/12/24). What payments do you expect? Only stored data and egress is paid.

I’ve been OK with my 4Tb node, it makes more than enough to cover Power AND hardware upgrades since V3 started (i.e. larger drives every once and a while when there’s a good deal and I treated my server to a shiny new 2nd-hand case, so I can stuff in a few more drives soon).

I’m not even on a particularity fast machine, on domestic fibre.
You might want to tweak your setup a bit to be more realistic on returns per month.

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How much space and bandwidth to use are not me to control. I can only guarantee enough resources is allocated and dedicated to the node.
For this node, I gives it a 100MB/s down and 50MB/s up connection, a 10TB hdd. yeah, funny I think I should only give it 1MB/s and 500GB hdd regarding to the payout mechanism.

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According to the chart you dont have 10TB hard drive if you been running it for months…10TB would have at least 4TB used by now

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actually i have. perhaps storj is not so decentralized after all.

If you say so im making good money with it so if you got nothing better to say about storj im done with this topic. Good Luck to whatever you do.


Is it a Windows or Linux node ?

yep thank you and bye

windows server 2019 >>>

Is it using docker or GUI for Windows ?

GUI. I dont use docker on this machine

Could you show me value for this parameter from your config file ?


Also can you precisely tell me how old is your node.

I made just over $ 7 for my first month with my 4TB node. Only the node at home with 50Mbit Down and 10Mbit Up. running for 6 weeks.

I am happy.


emmm, seems the config is wrong, it only shows 500GB. I’ll fix this.
Is this the whole story? anything else? even if the space is wrong, the total traffic is really low.