My egress has dropped significantly over the past few days

Over the past few days my egress/ingress has dropped significantly. I am not sure why since nothing has changed on my network. All of the audits showed 100% but over the last few days the Online as dropped from 100% on all satellites and is now all in the 96-97% range. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? Is this expected because all my space has nearly been used up? I’ve provided screen shots of the current data below:

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Is it online 24/7? I assumed it is, but you’ve missed that info on the screenshots (status & version).

Hi @Bivvo ,

It is up 24/7 and is only ever restarted normally by watchtower when there is a new version available. Anyway, I did manually restart a few times yesterday to see if that would make any difference. Here is a screen shot indicating it’s been running for 23 hrs since I restarted yesterday.

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My node shows same behaviour for 5 days.

Adding graph for comparison. 26 Months old node. Egress dropped for me.

it seems not to be a general topic - my node is behaving inverted. More egress this morning than ingress.

9 month old node

Similar to my graph: Friday + Saturday was lower, but Sunday was high.

I like most, have also seen a recent decrease. Keep in mind that the dashboard shows egress as a combination of egress and repair egress.

Looking at my graphs, the decrease was seen across all nodes, but most noticeably on my two oldest nodes (pink and purple in the graphs):

Note: this is a graph from the past 22 days

Looking at the “by Satellite” graphs, I can see two clear changes in traffic patterns:

  1. Drop in Saltlake egress (yellow), which happened right at 22:00 (GMT -4) on 22Sep
  2. Lower Europe-North repair egress (green)

Note: same time frame, past 22 days

Point #1 is clearly confirmed on the following page: Grafana
Which shows a clear drop in Saltlake egress:

The to remind everyone, this is not mining, and there is no guarantee that traffic patterns will remain stable. In fact, the only constant in Storj is change (paraphrasing Heraclitus). Lastly, keep in mind that Saltlake (and Europe-North) are both storj test satellites, and traffic patterns are even more likely to fluctuate as tests are started and finished (i.e. why that big drop in egress from Saltlake right at 22:00 on 22Sep…)

Hope this helps confirm that the traffic pattern is not unique to your node(s), and there’s nothing to worry about as long as your online and audit scores remain high.



Is it just the older nodes that are seeing reduced egress?


Dunno, but my First Connect dates are exactly the same as @SeWIR pasted above.

Same here from Brazil, with a 24/7h node started at 2020-11-19.

Mine too 24/7 node running from juli 2019


Maybe our large customer(s) is die.

Let’s hope nobody died ^^’
Many many things can explain a drop in egress before even considering such possibilities!

I’m seeing this too on all of my nodes. So I’d say nothing to worry indeed.

IMHO some large customer(s) may have stopped using storj. But this is an assumption.

@SeWIR See my response above:

The noticeable decrease in egress, as far as my nodes go, is mainly from test satellites (data).

As far as we can predict “typical customer usage” to be, which is not much at this point, it could be somewhat of a fair assumption that customers would use less and less bandwidth as we approach the end of each month as they reach their “data limits” to avoid additional fees. I’d assume this will become more obvious as more and more paid users join the network.

@dragonhogan , don’t think agree that this is related to test or natural decrease at the end of the month since this is the first time I’ve experienced this and my node has been up and running for a few years now. Something has changed since it seems to be affecting everyone. It would be nice if someone from the Storj team would chime in with some information.

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Maybe… See in next month. But this is an anomaly for at least the last year.