My Node has been disqualified - but still traffic here


it seems, that my node has been disqualified. I dont know why, but think it was because of loosing data. The online stats are showing around 93%.
Or is it shown just wrong data? In Grafana dashboard there is no information about DQ. Here it says Audit: 100%.

What should i do now? Should i keep it running or start a new one? There is still traffic on the node.

Did you get the mail from Storj? From the dashboard it appears that your node is still good. Have you tried using Earnings calculator (Update 2022-12-08: v12.3.0 - Now compatible with node version 1.62+ - Detailed earnings info and health status of your node, including vetting progress) or Success rate script - Now updated for new delete terminology since v1.29.3

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No, i dont get a mail from Storj.
Did not use the calculator jet. I’m running my node on a Synology NAS with a docker container. How can i use this tool here?

If you have not received the email, the node has not been disqualified. your node has been offline for a while and only the online score has dropped. Staying online will go back up.
To use the 2 tools you need to access the NAS via ssh and follow the instructions, it’s quite simple

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If you don’t have such message in the dashboard, then your node is not disqualified