My node is 20 days old, is it normal to have little traffic?

my node is 20 days old, is it normal to have little traffic? less than 1GB per day?

i use vpn hosted in georgia

I’m guess you mean VPS.
If you node online, not suspended and not disqualified, it working fine.
However, since you have problems like


I can assume that it was mostly offline. Please, fix the issue.
By the way, if you use a VPS only for Storj it’s probably not worth it - you will pay more than your income, you can use this Earning Estimator to have an idea:

If you mean a VPN (virtual private network) and not a VPS (virtual private server), then only a few VPN providers give you a port forwarding feature:, ngrok, PIA, PureVPN, etc.
If your VPN doesn’t have a port forwarding feature - the node will be offline, especially if you do not have a public IP (your WAN IP is different from the IP on Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router).

noo, I use airvpn.

these clock problems were yesterday appeared out of nowhere, but even so I get little traffic with 20 days online

They claims that it’s support the port forwarding option. So, if your port on their external address is reachable on when your node and VPN client are running - then it should work.
In that case the clock out of sync can be fixed with NetTime (Windows still can’t sync clocks properly), otherwise it’s problem with port forwarding or DDNS.

Could you pleas tell what is online score on your node for the satellites?

all 100%…

Then it must be a clocks issue - please, install the NetTime and sync your clocks.

Regarding low usage. As you already knows - the network is used by real people, not machines, thus no “normal” or “abnormal” usage - any customers’ behavior is normal, we can’t use the past usage to predict a future usage.

Back to possible technical problems.
Since you uses a VPN, it’s expected to have greater latency than a direct connection, so your node could have more cancelation of uploads than without a VPN. You can use a success rate scripts to check this:

The second - since your VPN provider have a limited number of public IPs, there is a high probability that someone else running their storagenode in the same subnet /24 of public IPs, all such nodes are treated as a one node for uploads (i.e. only one node is selected from the /24 subnet of public IPs for each piece of the segment of the file), thus all such nodes shares the traffic, i.e. two nodes would have only half of the traffic each, four only quarter and so on.

does it show that i am just correct?

Perhaps, I do not know, how this Community checker is implemented.


how to improve this canceled upload?

PS: new log…

Only do not use a VPN…
But if you do not have a public IP, then you nothing can do. Maybe only change the ISP
However you cannot win all races anyway, the data transfers between the customer and the node directly, you can’t be close to everyone customer in the world.

thanks… :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Better to just ask so anyone could help.

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