My node is offline from the first moment

Hi, I created my node guiding me with this video

I finished installing my node following these steps but from the first moment it was offline, reading I realized that this happens because it does not open port 28967 (which I had not done), so I continued to open it but the node is still offline.

I am not an expert but I would really appreciate if you can help me, my node has been offline for 32 hours.

Hola, cree mi nodo guiándome con este video

Termine de instalar mi nodo siguiendo esos pasos pero desde el primer momento estaba offline, leyendo me di cuenta que esto pasa por no abrir el puerto 28967 (lo cual no había hecho), entonces proseguí a abrirlo (creo) pero el nodo sigue offline.

Yo no soy un experto pero gradecería mucho si pueden ayudarme, mi nodo lleva 32 horas fuera de linea.

if you have windows, did you also opened port on windows? Do you have fix ip or DDNS configuration? show your config please, and logs.

Well I opened the ports in the firewall because I use win server version but when I tried setting up on win10 it automatically opened.

I personally have mostly static IP but have DDNS as a backup

I am using NoIp and made an inbound rule to allow any traffic from any source and TCP port 28967

Estoy usando NoIp e hice una regla de entrada para permitir cualquier tráfico de cualquier fuente y puerto TCP 28967

are you sure your machine is still using ? You could set a ip reservation in the router if not?

when you instaled your node. did you writen noip adress : port as external, can you show configs, to see errors thre.

in the config file your contact.external-address:noip address:28967

also check here is your port opened, may be you are behind NAT on provider side

I think that when installing my node I did not write the address noip: port as external, where I can find this config file?

Propgram files>Storj>storagenode

yep, I did not write the address noip: port as external, can i modify it with notepad or other software? or do I need to reinstall the node

Yes you can modify config, better if you use nodapad++, after need restart node.

I already modified it and rebooted the node, but it is still offline

You need to put not ip but name that you registered. Like or what you registered. Olso check port open that your port is realy opened. Sometime routers also make some problems that it realy not make nat as writen or need open firewall port additinaly

I already write the host name but it is still offline, even deactivate all security of my router and it is still offline. I would attach more images but the forum tells me that new users can only post one image per topic or reply.

I also want to thank you for trying to help me, I am quite new to all this and somewhat clumsy, but I really thank you.

you can try my toolbox, there is trobleshooting, it wil try trace problem.

maybe check Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router

I run the “trobleshooting” from the toolbox and this appears

I check it and it says closed (?

then you are behind rovider NAT, you can asc your provider to open ports or if it not posible use some VPN provider with port forward.