My node KEEPS restarting over and over... Pi 4 8GB

I have a pi running a storj and the node “crash” every day randomly. I have watchtower setup but it requires a full reboot of my device to get the node up and running - i now have 80% online so am i just out of luck? should i start over? what can i do to fix this and is it even worth it?

Do you have logs of it crashing? are you running anything else on the same Rpi4 is it crashing or is it losing power?

Known source to those problems are insufficient powersupply 3A 5V and faulty/bad microsd card.

Can be many things, Pi USB is a bit hit and miss - if it’s crashing and requires a restart, power supply as ligloo said is prime - If the Pi is online, but the drive has gone then could be a kernel issue with controller.

do a ; dmesg | grep uas

if you have loads of errors post them here :slight_smile:

So i have a internet script that checks my internet every 2 hours (basically runs my internet full speed) could that be it?

My powersupply is the official and seems fine.

Okay i will do that.
This is the buttom (it printed alot)

This is with “sudo dmesg | less”

This is with “dmesg | grep uas”

I have 3 rpi4 1 is 8gig and has an external power drive, Never had a single crash. Is your usb drive powered or is it running off the usb?
Also my Pi4 is older version

0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0000000000 [0x410fd083]
[    0.000000] Linux version 5.4.0-1042-raspi (buildd@bos02-arm64-010) (gcc version 9.3.0 (Ubuntu 9.3.0-17ubuntu1~20.04)) #46-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Jul 30 00:35:40 UTC 2021 (Ubuntu 5.4.0-1042.46-raspi 5.4.128)
[    0.000000] Machine model: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.2

I am not clear from your post if it is an os crash or storagenode crash?
uptime - to show if it has rebooted
docker ps - to see if watchtower and storagenode are running
docker logs storagenode - etc.

to my understanding its often the memory card, so i would most likely start by trying to use something else.

My USB is powered and high quality

So its not an OS crash - the nodes crashes and dissapears from docker ps- but watchtower is there all the time.

But its less than 1 year old? and the OS does not crash - only my node?

Doesnt mean USB isnt dropping out on your pi4 though, Theres not alot of things that can cause a storagenode to crash, Mostly OOM or you no longer have a mounted drive, and or USB drive goes to sleep.

good point.
the usb going to sleep is an easy fix, maybe try that

HMM maybe you are right.

How do i fix that? do you have some guide?

not sure if this covers it, or if it even has the feature, but it i was in your case i would most likely start with this one.

seems bit complicated tho…

Its also based on the external closer that you use it could have its own firmware controlling it. Which external drive are you using?

TP-Link UH720 USB hub - USB 3.0 - 7 ports