My Node Will Not Update

Using Windows GUI, I restarted the machine 2 hours ago and waited, no status change. I restarted the service manually, no status change. My harddrive is showing usage through the Task Manager, but I still show offline, “please update to version v” and showing no satellites. I’ve skimmed through the forum here and can’t find anything that has worked.
EDIT: My hostname is valid and pingable from the outside world. Current version .exe is Log shows me getting pieces. Both node and updater are running.

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same problem, my two dashboard nodes show “offline” but in logs the two nodes its working fine.

Same problem here
I have a file storagenode-updater.1.14.4.exe in the Storage Node folder, dated 3 hours ago, so may be a problem with that update perhaps

The other thing I noticed is the Stefan Bentan(?) satellite is now gone from the Suspension and Audit section, i thought it was there yesterday

Same here using Docker on Linux. All 3 nodes showing offline yet the logs are not showing any ERROR or FATAL messages and traffic is coming into/going out of my node as per both logs and bandwidth monitoring. Ports are showing as open using yougetsignal for checking the TCP ports. Restarted all 3 nodes to no avail.

Cleared cookies, accessed the interface using a Firefox private session in case there’s something else cached.

Same - although my web dashboard shows offline, while the command line dashboard says the node is online, and sending/receiving data. Just to be sure I stopped the node, removed it, manually updated storagenode (reported up-to-date) and restarted it - no effect.

We are currently in the rollout period of v1.14.4. The current status is 20%, which is increased tomorrow to 40%.
Docker nodes are usually updated last.

Checked too, Online for all nodes in the command line dashboard. Totally forgot about the command line dashboard.

Can anyone of you please check the network requests of the web dashboard? I might have an idea, but want to confirm

Where can we check that?

Did you upgrade your Storagenode-Updater since v1.12.3 manually?
There is a bug in that version, which prevented the proper update from happening.

Open your webbrowser, then dial to the website of the dashboard and right click and click inspect.
Then there should be a network tab on which you either have to reload the page once or it directly gives you the web requests that it made.

no its always been auto updated - last I remember noticing was 1.13.3

Please try to reinstall the updater manually once. That might help it to properly update.

I can say I see the samething happened to my web dashboard says offline and its on a linux node not even windows. But out of 4 nodes it only has this on one of them.

This is what I got from the network requests:

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will do
from the chrome console
GET http://192.168.20.XXX:14002/api/sno/ 500 (Internal Server Error)

{“error”:“storageNode console web error: storage node dashboard service error: trust: satellite “118UWpMCHzs6CvSgWd9BfFVjw5K9pZbJjkfZJexMtSkmKxvvAW” is untrusted”}


Are your nodes on v1.13.3? I think that might be related to the removal of my satellite out of the trusted-satellites list again.

Okay, as i thought, its because the nodes are not on v1.14 yet. @BigDaddio @el-bee

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Yeah its still 1.13.3

Yes, 1.13.3 on mine too