My Raspberry Pi 3 node keeps on restarting for some reason

My Raspberry Pi node keeps on restarting for some reason. I have looked at other forum posts which discuss similar issues, however, none of the fixes seem to work for me.

Welcome @vogonp42 ! I’ll bring this to the team for some further opinions. If you have any additional details that might help them discover the issue please do post them here.

Hey @vogonp42 !
Could you post the logs of the failing containers?

List them like this:
docker ps -a
docker logs XXXX where XXXX is one of the container IDs, which likely exited with status code 1.

Hello @vogonp42 ,
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Please, post 20 lines from the log: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator


Actually, It started working for no apparent reason. I don’t really know how. I may actually investigate further in order to see if I can figure out what I did.

Orange pi x64, last version. When looked node dashboard, aplication into cople time(maybe hour) will crashed. I was looking log - nothing up.

Please, search for OOM in system logs
Something like

journalctl | grep -i oom

Search for errors in the logs of the storagenode container:

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep ERROR | tail

Bad news, I alredy cleaned all of logs, but i will try repeat bug for a now. When version 1.34.3 was pasted

I have been doing investigations on my node to figure out why it started working. I think that it was a mounting issue which was fixed upon reboot and replug, which I did when moving the node to a location closer to the router so I did not have to use my long ethernet cable.

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