My Suspension score 100%

[00:33:04] Suspension score: 100%, my nuts almost dropped to the floor
[00:34:02] and the beginning of the explanatory text does not help the case: “This score shows how close your node is to getting suspended…etc etc” : 100%!!! WHAT???
[00:34:13] 100% close to Suspension?
[00:34:57] you guys might wanna work over that explanation/wording once more :stuck_out_tongue:
[00:36:22] how about Reliability score or something? maybe color code it? red yellow green?
[00:39:52] same for audit score
[01:23:21] yeah, mention it on, that’s the only community source we really monitor

Hey @Non-ICE, it’s been a while since we’ve seen you around. Good to see you!

I agree that the wording is awkward. I actually decided to change how the scores work in my earnings calculator when I changed the wording prior to this new score being available on the dashboard. Instead of starting at 100 and disqualification or suspension at 60, the earnings calculator now shows you how close to suspension/disqualification you now are. 0% being all good and 100% being either disqualified or suspended depending on which score is >= 100%. I was asked to align with the way the node dashboard does it, but since I use a text interface without the options for extra info on mouse over, I wanted it to be easy to understand.

You’re not the first person to be confused about this either. I compiled a few examples in the post here: Earnings calculator (Update 2020-08-23: v9.3.1 - Now with score used for suspension and warning status if your node needs attention!)

Since you put this in the feature requests voting area, could you clarify what it is exactly we would be voting on? What feature are you exactly suggesting?
A bit higher up in the topic I just linked I posted a mock up of how Storj could display it. I’ll repost here.
Is that close to something you are suggesting?