Network statistics

I just started me adventure with StorJ as node operator. Are there any network statistics available like total nodes their declared capacities and percent of data allocated?

No, there is nothing yet available for that.

BUT we are working on something to provide these details!


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All implemented metrics you can see on your local dashboard: docker exec -it storagenode ./


Thankfully to zblzgamer now we have a such site:


Could there be some extra info like how many nodes online/exists and how much data there is in the network

I don’t see those things related to a Storage Node Operator, they are more related to a network dashboard.

Or a satellite dashboard, since the number of nodes working with each satellite could differ.
Especially after the removal of Kademlia, there is not really one network anymore.


Well as you say its not related just a fun idea

Hi Alexey.
As i said I thought it could be a fun addon to the upcoming SNOboard🙂.

I have been to zbizgamer site and it works great.

But as I wrote earlier it was just an idea to have that on the board as a fun thing.

This is unrelated to SNOboard, because it likely a stat for all network. But you can add your idea here: or vote for existing.

:+1: thanks alexey didnt think of that.
Idea added

The Network stat is going to happen.
Its going to have the name SNOglobe.

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