New dashboard project for SNO

This is not how I see my role.
I am here to run nodes, not to fix bad software.

But if Storj asks, I’ll be happy to provide feedback why I think it is bad and what should be improved so they can implement it.


Contributions to open source projects are not only limited to code contributions; bug reports, feature requests and providing feedback are also important contributions.
We do not overlook issue reports and feedback from the SNO community and always appreciate them.


I stumbled upon this project while searching for a multi-node dashboard. It’s working really well for me. It was pretty easy to set up. (I’m running it on a Ubuntu VM) It’s nice to see the stats for all my nodes in one place that is accessible from anywhere. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this, and I hope you continue developing it.

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Thanks for your feedback - in our downtime we do plan to work more on the web project.

We also have an “internal” dashboard in the works for those that want a locally managed dashboard.




This indeed sounds awesome.


Hi all,

just to let some of you know, who wanted an internal dashboard…

i’ve worked on one over the last 3-4 months and is now ready for a v1 release.

New post for this :

Happy new year everyone!!! :slight_smile:


may we have a docker build of the internal dashboard?

One doubt i have: for the grafana+prometheuis monitoring we need the dashboards to run on localhost network, like, and your monitoring need the dashboards run on non-localhost. How can we deal with this?

Hi Javierxam,

For the new ‘Internal Dashboard’…

If the web server + storagenode is in the same place ( - then you should be able to add it to the dashboard as

I have just tested - Picture below

Let me know if this isn’t what you meant.

Docker… we are looking into this

With the WEB version of the storjdashboard, yes you have to run a nginx server which will make the information required availabe to storjdashboard using a security token which is part of the setup for the web version.
^^ however, not required on the internal dashboard

Hey! BIG THX for Your project first off all!
Is it possible to get ip’s or fqdn of monitoring server(s) from your side not to forward all the traffic to NGINX but only a specific one?
Also wanna check if u have any plans about telegram/discord notification?
another thing- may be its a good idea to give storj operators donation possibilities (in storj coins!) to speed up or support your project

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I saw the new update for payouts (specifically zksync) does this also support l1 payouts? Or is that a future thing?


Yes planning a launch of L1 payment tracking - but we’re still in the testing phase of zkSync, so will move to that once we’ve established a few things with this module :slight_smile:

Hope your finding it useful :slight_smile:



Okay sweet - and yea dashboard is 100% useful (basically replaced my need for the Storj one except to double check some things).

Some points I wanted to ask/bring up/suggest after using it for a while:

  1. The monthly data area (daily ingress/egress/$ breakdown) gets pretty long toward the end of the month. Maybe make it show the latest 5 days, and the rest collapsed? Then have a button to expand it out to the current view (the idea is to be able to see entire overview/homepage without scrolling)
  2. Add a new page for historical views. This would let you select the data you are interested in with a dropdown (monthly ingress/egress, payouts, total storage, audits/suspension/online time) in a nice graph. It would only have 1 graph and you can select what data to display.
    2.5 Similar to above, but instead of combined data, it is node individual data
  3. Not sure if possible, but % success for uploads, downloads, etc (if yes, this would also be viewable in historical way as per 2 + 2.5).
  4. Alert for when payment goes out (not sure if current ZKsync version has this since I don’t use ZK sync - if it does then ignore this statement as it’ll be rolled out for L1 as well later?)

Just my thoughts/suggestions though - what you have is great already!


Site stopped working? I see no data for past 3 days. Only current usage/ping available.

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Oooooo , I have to say, I’ve been using the internal dashboard I built more recently , I will look at this ASAP, will update in reply to you ,

same for me, no data for past 3 days

I think its fixed now

@Kotera @olympios - just working on it now,

it should start to gather data now over the next 2-3 hours, and correct any previous days too

apologies for the outage !


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I appreciate the effort put into creating this new dashboard for SNO. However, I have some concerns regarding its architecture. It seems that the dashboard collectors require additional configuration and software installation from the SNO’s end. This setup could be streamlined for a more user-friendly experience.

I’m curious as to why the use of API, similar to the official multinode dashboard, was not considered for this project. Utilizing the API from the node dashboard could potentially simplify the process, eliminating the need for extra configuration and installation, and making it more accessible for SNOs.

Heyyy, cheers for the feedback - I always appriciate it

When I started the project the multinode, wasn’t fully established from my understanding , and not entirely familiar to alot of SNOs.

If you have time, feel free to PM me some details of how you think it would technically be connected better and I can review it - Maybe for a storjdashboard v2…

Also, - Have you checked the ‘internal’ dashboard we built, which doesn’t rely on the cloud data grabs to update the website?

Internal dashboard uses live data, appriciate any feedback on that one too

I believe it’s better to discuss the improvement not in a private messages, unless here is a really private information.
It also can be discussed in a separate thread, you may Reply on the post and select Reply as linked topic

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I hope you took permission from Storj before using company name in your domain name.