New dashboard project for SNO

When you start really working with it, you will realize how much it is lacking.

My idea would be:

  1. Fix the node management part (like adding, deleting, change of IP) so that in the best case a node has only to be added once in a lifetime
  2. Fix the terrible tables to allow sorting, filtering, grouping, selection of (additional/new) columns to display like node age, hide/unhide
  3. Add notifications/alerts like so that I don’t have to scroll endless tables to see that a node is not reachable, such information is crucial and needs to be on the top
  4. Create a real information dashboard with all important information like current alerts, drop of scores, nodes not online etc.
  5. Offer APIs/connections to let the community step in, for example to Promtheus/Grafana or whatever

The multinode is a nice foundation but it needs to become much more to efficiently handle and manage multiple nodes.

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it is open source project you can easily add this features buy yourself or make your own suitable for you solution. At the end of all you receive payment for service you provide for storj.

I am not a coder, so no I can’t.

This is not how I see my role.
I am here to run nodes, not to fix bad software.

But if Storj asks, I’ll be happy to provide feedback why I think it is bad and what should be improved so they can implement it.


Contributions to open source projects are not only limited to code contributions; bug reports, feature requests and providing feedback are also important contributions.
We do not overlook issue reports and feedback from the SNO community and always appreciate them.