New dashboard project for SNO

Heyyy, cheers for the feedback - I always appriciate it

When I started the project the multinode, wasn’t fully established from my understanding , and not entirely familiar to alot of SNOs.

If you have time, feel free to PM me some details of how you think it would technically be connected better and I can review it - Maybe for a storjdashboard v2…

Also, - Have you checked the ‘internal’ dashboard we built, which doesn’t rely on the cloud data grabs to update the website?

Internal dashboard uses live data, appriciate any feedback on that one too

I believe it’s better to discuss the improvement not in a private messages, unless here is a really private information.
It also can be discussed in a separate thread, you may Reply on the post and select Reply as linked topic


I hope you took permission from Storj before using company name in your domain name.

Ahhha , nice feature ! Let’s do that


Seems the dashboard is not working correctly. Ingress is counted wrongly yesterday and today.

Cheers for reporting - Looking into this today


This should be all fixed now :slight_smile: - thank you for reporting


Glad it’s working now. Thank you. Buy the way this time the ticket was answered corrently. The previous ones returned empty.


Apparently the problem has appeared again. Some days it does not display the percentage difference from the previous day. And today the statistics are at zero. Could you please fix it? Thanks a lot!

hii - thanks for reporting to us , we have resolved the primary issue the day we saw a report on this - however we have taken off the % daily average difference due to some erroring we saw.



Unfortunatly again I see problem with statistics shown as zero

Thanks for reporting ,

Looking into this and will update

identified the issue - it is now fixed

It will take a few hours for it to now start collecting the data from all the nodes that are in the system.



Is there a docker image for this?

is this safe? free of viruses or bad intentions? :face_with_monocle:

I’ve been using it for over a year. All is well for now. I like it.
As soon as I wrote it, the statistics immediately broke down. Could you please fix it? Thank you!

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Unfortunatly site again broke - no data for 3 days - everything shows as 0

Hi, @EvilMalamute has reported this afternoon and we have now rebooted the stats servers which will take up to 12 hours to sync all the data.

I will be keeping eye on it ,

Cheers and appreciate the support in keeping it all running :grin:

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