New node being vetted by one satellite


Noob question here, why is my node only being vetted by 1 satellite ? See screenshot.

One is at 6% en the rest still at 0%

vetting takes a long time and will seem to move faster on satellites with more activity…

give it time, most likely nothing to worry about… your node is only 3 days old, usually takes a month for it to be vetted.


You are only vetted by a satellite when you carry data from that satellite. Also the more data you have to faster it goes. As @SGC said it takes about a month to be fully vetted.

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Hi there,

sorry for maybe asking stupid questions: how do i get this report? i tried the command “dashboard” and “diag” but nowhere i can see my vetting status :slight_smile:

In this threat you’ll get some hints:

There is a simple python script for that :slight_smile: