New sign up form for storage nodes

You’re probably all running storage nodes, but we recently launched this new sign up flow to replace our waitlist. After letting us know if you meet the requirements, you provide your email and receive an auth token soon after (same day or a few days after).

Has anyone used the form? We would appreciate feedback on it!

Does not work here. Continue does nothing

The first continue doesn’t work?

Hi @tikh!

Unfotunately the first “Continue” dosn’t work.

The root cause of this issue: ADBlock, ADBlock Plus, AdGuard

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I have test it und it works with Linux Mint 19.2 and Chrome Version 78.0.3904.70 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit) with enabled Adblock. For me there is a small issue. Somtimes it’s difficult to set the checkmarks because the range for making it in the square is to small.

It works on Windows + Chrome and reusing same email address gives same auth token (just letting every one know). :heart: the shorter wait time.

whole registration works, but it’s difficult to set the checkmarks because the range for making it in the square is to small
Linux Mint 18.3, Firefox 70 + uBlock Origin, Chromium 77 + uBlock Origin

FYI, if you use the same email address to request multiple auth tokens, you will get the same one the next time, only if you have not yet claimed/used the last one to sign a node identity before. Once you have claimed a token, you can again use the same email address to request a new one for another node (which of course should be running on its own IP and location).

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I have already used the token sent in first email and when I tested this new form I got exactly same auth token for same email address.

please let me know which email address you used so we can follow up. You may send it in a support ticket or DM.

I used the form 3 or 4 days ago and still haven’t received the auth token. Just filled out the form again with the same email address to see whether it speeds it up.

No, the root cause is bad web design. A blocked tracking or analytics script should never render a website useless.

I got my token a few minutes past registration with a new mail address.

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What the hell?

What you are seeing here is an unfortunate result of our automatization to send auth tokens to our SNOs who request them. Our certificate authority only extracts the email address you share with us in the form in order to put it in a queue to generate the auth tokens automatically, so we can send you the invite email message with the new auth token right away without having to wait for bulk sends like we had before, when we send emails periodically in batches. We are NOT using this to track you.

Please state what ad-blocker software you are using that produced these results you showed in the screenshot. Our Martech team will contact them and any other such sites that are mis-identifying our form as tracker to ask them to correct this so that it no longer gets misidentified as tracker.


Not sure if right place to put.

I tried registered my email with the new form and i am getting the same auth tokens that i requested last month which the node is currently running.

So i believe SNO are not able to request multiple auth tokens with the same email using this automated form.

Please could you send us the email address you used to request the auth token in a support request on so we can find out why you did not receive a new auth token.

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Thanks. Just submitted the request as instructed.

The behavior of the new form is the same - you will receive the same authorization token to the same email, independently of claimed status.