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Hello everyone,
if I add an HDD with location D: can I add it directly to the following line "storage.path: C:\Storjnode" in config.yaml? or I have to transfer what’s in C:\Storjnode\ to D:\Storjnode then modify the line "storage.path and storage.allocated-disk-space?

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Here is the documentation: How do I migrate my node to a new device? - Storj Node Operator Docs


thank you for you reply, it does not correspond to my request, I want to add an HDD not change computer

The procedure is very similar.

It’s not possible to ‘add’ an HDD. You have to copy all existing data to the new HDD and then modify the storage.path location to only the new HDD


If you want to share space on both HDD’s you need to start a second node. You can either use docker or use the tool @vadim made to manage multiple Windows nodes on the same system.

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thank you for your answer, before modifying the config.yaml file I imagine that I have to stop storjnod?


This is a rather architectural strange thing from the project from the same storagenode not being possible to just add a second or additional storages instead of having to bring a new new storagenode instance which seems unnecessary extra complexity.

if you would have 2 or more hdd on one node, then 1hdd failure will kill all node with many hdd.
If you have 2 nodes with 1 hdd on each, one node die, but second leave with own live.
so this architecture has own benefits.

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@Vadim not necessarily. This would only be the case if those 2 disks are in a RAID 0 or logical volume which is not always the case.
If you have 2 disks with different data or one single disk with whatever amount of of data stored and it fail the chances are basically the same.

Yes it is, if you have node, with many disks, one dis failure will mean node DQ, all othere hdds in this node will be DQ with node, as it cant be trusted any more.

The node will be disqualified for losing half the data. So the effect would be the same.

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Hello @Nevyl,
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You need to copy data first using robocopy /MIR, run it several times until the difference would be negligibly, then stop the node, run robocopy /MIR one more time, then modify config.yaml with Notepad++, save the config and start the node.
See How to migrate the Windows GUI node from one physical location to another? - Storj Node Operator Docs


Thank you very much for your help, I will test and let you know if everything went well.


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