New to the community!

Hello every one!

I missed my email over the summer, unfortunately. But I am now setup and running. Hoping to get my rep up ASAP.

I had an ODROID-HC2 that was no longer being used and a 4TB drive that was pulled from a file server. Decided to give it a go and see how it gets along. The little SBC is running the SW fine. My bandwidth and overall used storage space is still low, but as I said am hoping that my node will gain rep soon.


  1. Any plans on allowing to set bandwidth (up/down) limits in the software?
  2. Will we get any regular updates as far as total data being used in the network?

Thank you for all your hard work!


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For now the only Bandwidth you can set is part of the start for docker which is how much you allow your node to use. Not bandwidth that your internet "example 100Mb/s " and you want to limit it to ā€œ20Mb/sā€ you will need to use a 3rd party App to control this if you want to fine tune it.

You node is new so your in vetting stages until you get 100 Audits, Then the data should pick up but it takes about a month to get out of vetting.

Thank you for the information. 19/100 so far!

with this latest release, there are no more bandwidth limits. Any bandwidth limits that were set before in existing nodes will be ignored. See Version 1.0.0 no bandwidth limit and the changelog.

Remember that each satellite has a separate audit counter. For each satellite you need to collect 100 audits to get the vetted status from that satellite.