New Uplink Setup Not Working as Per Documentation

Hi Guys,

I thought I’d check out the new access grant feature! I wanted to start a fresh using the documentation to see how everything should work from a new user perspective but I’m coming across some issues.

Note that before I start, I deleted my existing “Uplink” folder in the user profile path.

I then follow the instructions exactly as described here:

As you can see in the screenshot below I seem to get an error when importing the access grant (although when I try again it seems to work) I have verified that the config.yaml file has been created in the “Uplink” folder in the profile path and it contains the access grant on the 2nd line.

To add to this, I’ve just realized I’m able to do pretty much everything else apart from create a bucket :slight_smile:

Its possible since everything hasn’t been updated you cant actually use this yet. I tested I got the same problem. I also tested with the old api token and it doesnt work anymore for me either.

If I use any of my old token though it works fine with the new token it doesnt work.

There is a bug in the Satellite UI. If you have buckets in your project, a new Access grant will be limited to only these buckets. As result you cannot create a new bucket with such an access.
It’s also affects the Access grant token (formerly known as API key).

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Yer, that seems to be the issue. Deleted all my buckets and keys. Started fresh and working. Obv someone with prod data couldn’t do that so hopefully it will be fixed soon :+1:

LOVING the new access approach though!


I have the same issue. Deleting everything and creating new access grant token did not work for me.

When I added the acces key directly not as a file it worked. But the same key in a file does not work for me.

@uglyculture What error did you get?
I’m attempting to replicate, and I receive this error when importing from a txt file with the access grant.
Error: uplink: invalid access grant format

edit: sorry, I should clarify that this error occurs when attempting to make a bucket

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It is one of the errors I have got.
But I got an other one as well, but I cannot replicate it.

c:\Users\aron.horvath\Documents>uplink import tardigrade_access_grant.txt
Error: rename C:\Users\aron.horvath\AppData\Roaming\Storj\Uplink\config.yaml547534595 C:\Users\aron.horvath\AppData\Roaming\Storj\Uplink\config.yaml: Access is denied.; close C:\Users\aron.horvath\AppData\Roaming\Storj\Uplink\config.yaml547534595: file already closed

c:\Users\aron.horvath\Documents>uplink import tardigrade_access_grant.txt
default access imported.

c:\Users\aron.horvath\Documents>uplink mb sj://bucket1
Error: uplink: invalid access grant format

Ok, seeing as how we have confirmed there is some issue going on, I will open a ticket and see if we can figure this out

I think we have found the problem.
I presume that when you got it working, you selected Continue in Browser to create the access grant.
The problem appears to be that the documentation is misleading.
By following Continue in CLI what you get is not an access grant, though the documentation makes it seem like you are done.

You can see the full steps here:

I’m going to propose some changes to the documentation.
Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention!

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Thank you for acting so promptly on it @cam!
For anyone who is new to the forum, we are super blessed in that our Engineering department designates shifts with an on-call engineer to help us when we need it. our current guardian angel is @cam, one of our longtimers in the department!


@will.topping The bug is fixed, now you are able to create an access grant with full permissions even if there are other buckets.


I just posted the question below. I am a new user trying to create my first bucket but I cannot. I am getting these same issues. I’m not sure how it was resolved.


Oh my goodness, I finally got it using the cli method. I’m an advanced Powershell and linux user and had A LOT of trouble getting this to work. Please update the documentation to make this MUCH clearer. :slight_smile: Love the project. I also operate a storagenode with 80TB.