Newbie Questions (don't want to hijack the other person's thread)

Hello all, I’m considering launching my storj node and I really like the idea of the project! I do have a few questions though:

  1. How does the system deal with hosting illegal or classified information? If someone hosts something on my node that I’m not supposed to have, and the Israelis hack it, how hosed will I be?

  2. Is it best to upgrade storage capacity as it fills, or wait until my node has built trust?

  3. Is there any upfront investment (a la FIL)?

Thanks in advance.

Yes it’s best to upgrade as it fills. You can search the forum on what others have done.


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Thanks so much! I’ll be starting up tomorrow!

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Good luck!

You can see what others have done and maybe make a post on how your setup looks :slight_smile: