Newly installed windows GUI node offline/misconfigured

This is the second node behind this IP address. The first node is using port 28967, so for this node I went with 28968. That’s the only thing I changed from the installation instructions. Port is forwarded to the correct IPV4 address for TCP and UDP, I made sure to put the same address with port 28968 during installation, firewall rules seem to be correctly in place. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong here, the dashboard shows up on the host machine but I cannot access the dashboard by using the IPV4:14002 from any other machines on the network. I can’t seem to restart the service either, when I use the powershell command to do so I get a warning, waiting for service to stop, which it never does. Help would be much appreciated.

To be able to connect to your dashboard from another machine, you need to uncomment the console.address: option:

# server address of the api gateway and frontend app
# console.address:

and change it to listen on any interface:

# server address of the api gateway and frontend app
console.address: :14002

Please use Notepad++ to edit the config file. Do not forget to save it after modification and restart the storagenode service either from the Services applet or from the elevated PowerShell:

Restart-Service storagenode

You also need to allow this port in your inbound rules on your firewall on that PC.

But it’s better to use a more secure method, like this one:


If the destination PC is different from the first one, and you did not change the listening port with the server.address: option of your second node, then you need to forward 28968 TCP+UDP to 28967 port and IP of your second PC, however, the contact.external-address: option should have your external address with 28968 port.