No bandwidth or disk space being used by storage node

Hey there, I’ve recently set up my storage node and it seems like everything is working except for the fact that no bandwidth or disk space have been used. Is this normal and will it start to be used or have I done something wrong

I´d say you are NOT online, as your Last Contact is 9m ago.
Maybe some issue with firewall, port forwarding or DNS?
What´s your logs output?

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Please have a look at this topic to fix your issue with last contact counting up. It should always be at or near 0s. It’s likely an issue with your identity.

What do the logs say? They’re pretty easy to troubleshoot and there’s a stuck thread at the top of this category that tells you what common log errors mean.

From my experience most problems revolve around DNS or port forwarding. I haven’t had any identity issues with signing my identity certs…yet but I have seen others. If you’re using dynamic IPs it’s probably best to use NoIP or something similar with automatic updates to keep your DNS working properly.

@BrightSilence posted a good link to check, there’s many on the forums here.

I got the logs here, from what i can see i signed my identity correctly but i could be wrong. There is however a error in the logs:

This has some identity check stuff, it’s a good thread. Otherwise it might be dns/forwarding…

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its not a problem with my port forwarding, I used the site that you mentioned and the port is open, I also made sure that the ports are not being blocked in the firewall, must be something with my authentication. I’m looking at that now.

I’ll link you to the specific post in the topic I referenced earlier, I would put my money on it that your identity is not signed.

Yep thats the problem, just looked at the “signed” files size and they do not match up to what ive read so far, (not even near 1000 for identity.cert)

Another good way to check if your identity is signed correctly is running this command:

docker exec -it storagenode grep -c BEGIN /app/identity/ca.cert

docker exec -it storagenode grep -c BEGIN /app/identity/identity.cert

The result should be: