No change on Suspension or Audit statistics after 3 days of actual downtime: why?


My Internet access was down for 3 days. It is back since monday 12pm and noticed that this downtime impacted my 4 nodes in different ways (these 4 nodes are all behind the same IP address, behind the same network).

  • 2 of my nodes are still 100% in Audit and Suspension scores (on the GUI Dashboard).
  • 1 of my nodes has the Audit score quite impacted (on Europe west satellite, Audit score is 97.03%, which seems consistent with my actual downtime of about ~72 hours). Suspension is not impacted for this node.
  • 1 of my node has only the Suspension score only on 1 satellite (Europe West): 99.99995%

So, I have several questions:

  • Why are Audit and Suspension socres not impacted for 2 of my nodes? The real downtime was about 72 hours. It is a good news but a little bit surprising that these scores have not been impacted.
  • Why is Audit score so much impacted on one of my nodes? I thought it was related to corrupted data (and not related to the downtime) but I’m not sure.

Thanks for your insight!

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That is simple.

  1. If you are offline and the satellite can’t reach out to you with the audit request the online score is impacted.
  2. If the satellite was able to reach you but you didn’t deliver the data the satellite will put you into containment mode and retry the same piece 3 more time. If you fail all of them the same way it will decrease your audit score.
  3. If you respond with “I don’t have the data” or the data you returned was corrupted the audit score will decrease.
  4. If you return an unknown audit error like “clock out of sync” that will decrease the suspension score.

What ever you do you can only decrease one of the scores. Offline doesn’t decrease audit and suspension score.


And how can I know my online score? I’m asking because it seems that DQ for downtime will be enabled soon or later.

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and so on
Look at onlineScore


Online score is 1 on all my nodes. Is that normal after 72h of downtime?
Maybe because DQ for downtime is not enabled yet?

Or it doesn’t work as expected…
We will see in the next version, it should be available on the dashboard:

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