No payment for month of April for my node?

Heya, @brandon

I saw the update that April 2020 Payments are complete but I have not received any Storj payments for my node.

My node id: 12nJx1LCtQbp2RXCKxSgVaEgDGsP6z5rwF8pGcNUs2VG2ftViuo

I started my node mid-April and I calculated the earnings using the earnings calculator:

April 2020 (Version: 9.1.1)
Upload			Ingress		-not paid-			   969.23 GB
Upload Repair		Ingress		-not paid-			   671.00 MB
Download		Egress		20   USD / TB			    45.06 GB	      0.90 USD
Download Repair		Egress		10   USD / TB			    50.44 MB	      0.00 USD
Download Audit		Egress		10   USD / TB			   344.06 KB	      0.00 USD
Disk Average Month	Storage		1.50 USD / TBm	   225.14 GBm			      0.34 USD
Disk Usage		Storage		-not paid-	   162.10 TBh
Total							   225.14 GBm	     1.02 TB	      1.24 USD

Payout and held amount by satellite:
us-central-1		    5	    0.00 USD	  0.0017 USD	  50%	   0.0008 USD	  0.0008 USD

europe-west-1		    5	    0.00 USD	  0.0014 USD	  50%	   0.0007 USD	  0.0007 USD

europe-north-1		    1	    0.00 USD	  0.0038 USD	  75%	   0.0028 USD	  0.0009 USD

asia-east-1		    5	    0.00 USD	  0.0017 USD	  50%	   0.0008 USD	  0.0008 USD

saltlake		    1	    0.00 USD	  1.2294 USD	  75%	   0.9220 USD	  0.3073 USD

stefan-benten		    5	    0.01 USD	  0.0014 USD	  50%	   0.0007 USD	  0.0007 USD

TOTAL				    0.02 USD	  1.2394 USD		   0.9280 USD	  0.3114 USD

I had earlier used Coinbase account and later changed it following the advice.

Could someone please confirm if the payment was completed for my node and if not how can I get to it?
Given that my node did not run for a month unsure if I would even get paid.

Thank you for your help with this?

On April 30, 23:59 (end of month) did you already have a new wallet address?

For payout inquiry it’s best to file a support ticket at the link is at the top right.

Do include when you changed the payout address though. Payment may have gone to the old address if you didn’t change it in time.

No, I changed it on May 7th after I realized the mistake.

Thank you for your suggestions, I will raise a support ticket to know further. Thank you all.

How can you be in month 5 on 4 satellites, when your started your node in April? Apart from that, even if the money is lost, it’s only $1.23 … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

0.3$ the rest is held amount.

Probably started the node 5 months ago and kept it offline till April and then expected a payment…

Thank you @deathlessdd @donald.m.motsinger for your comments.
Agreed the amount is not big to fret. :smile:

I think I started 5 months ago but then I could not continue with that node and started again in April with new node but same key.
I thought its considered new node but I see that it is not since I am reusing the key.

Just to inform it was because of my misconfigured wallet address that I used, I could not see the money.
The money is lost but not the held amount.

I must say that I received a very prompt response from the Storj support team and I am happy with the support. Thank you.

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