No payout, still can’t get node up. My 8tb and I are out, best of luck everyone!

Been having issues with my node and for the work that my node did do I didn’t get a payout.

I’m done with storj, payouts are a joke and the software is unstable. I will no longer be a SNO as it was just a PIA with very little return.

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Thanks for your constructive feedback :wave:


letting people know it’s not worth the hassle :wave:

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Well cya. Least now you have your 8TB hard drive back you can fill with useless data yourself…

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You need to use 1.9.5 to install GUI as latest version have a bug.

Did you not get paid ? Was your node disqualified ?

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From your last thread:

It looks like you’ve had about 12 months of running a node. And then your hard drive had some issues. My guess would be the issues were probably related to filesystem fragmentation, since you are using Windows. You formatted the storage hard drive, which clearly means that you destroyed all previous data and thus your previous node ID was 100% certain to be DQ-ed.

Now, you are attempting to restart with a new node ID.

Since your prior thread is 15 days old and today is Sept 16th … it’s very unlikely that your new node would have had time to become fully vetted and get past the first 3 months of 75% held back period.

If you would like more help than was received in your prior thread, I’m sure there are many people who will gladly assist you in setting up your new Windows GUI node.


Node was not disqualified, didn’t get payouts. None of the software from storj is working and nothing has changed on my end

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None of the storj software works anymore and nothing changed on my end. I had problems in those 12 months also, the software is so unstable. I’m at my wits end I rather not set up a whole new workstation just to hope that the storj software decides to work

My node was never disqualified before that and didn’t get my last payout so I’m not wasting another second on this project.

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So you ran a node for 12 months, and never received a payout?

Movies and music aren’t useless but storj certainly is

I received payouts, but not for my last month and the node was never disqualified. Anyways best of luck I’m out

Well… if you decide to make another go of it… I’m sure people around here will be happy to help if you need it.

If you supply your prior node ID, a Storj team member could probably let you know what things look like on the satellite end.

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Why are you here ranting still if you got payouts, 90% of the time failure rate of failed nodes is all user fault not the software itself. Ive been running my nodes flawlessly with hardly any upkeep on them with no issues at all.

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Can you not read? I didn’t get my last payout and the software is unstable.

Glad you have not issues

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Storj Software isnt unstable Windows is unstable…


Post your node id and someone from Storj will definitely get you an answer. I totally get the frustration you have right now but all good things take time. I would really like to help you fix any issues you have.

What would motivate you to stay ?


Despite your rather rant like initial post devoid of any substance, people are treating you with respect and understanding. I kindly ask you to at least do the same.

I can confirm that in almost all cases node problems are caused by either operator error or issues with the system it runs on. Payouts have been reliable for years and last I heart there hadn’t been any valid complained about missed payouts. If you want help, there are a ton of people around who would love to help you out if you provide some actual information about your specific issue. If you just want to rant, try somewhere else. You won’t find much sympathy here if you’re just looking to play the blame game.

Meanwhile, us stable node operators are happy to receive the pieces that will be repaired because of the loss of your node.


im sure he did not follow the right correct way to setup the SNO … i have been running for nearly 2 years withuot having to restart my node…
getting near 100% uptime … if the internet dont die on me…

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Stick with it, sound like your almost there I only use the GUI. I had issues with my router not opening port for ages. I finally got it working. And never had problems since, well unless i rest my router of course. Then i have to setup again. oops. But never lost my rating.

Stick with it, its not that difficult when you know how. Just follow the simple instructions in order slowly Take your time.
It will work. But you must get that port open. Its 90% of the trouble.