Node Characteristics: Online 0%


I got to check my stats today for my node on the network and I noticed that the “Online” values for some of the satellites are 0.

If someone can kindly let me know what could be the reason for this or any documentation on the matter. Apologies, if there is a thread already for this, as I did not find it :frowning:

Thank you in advance.

Do you use a dynDNS service? This occurred recently for other nodes where the name service was not responding correctly to different satellites.

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Hello Stob,

Thank you for the update.

I do not use any particular DDNS service on my machine, since I have already assigned a static IP address through my router. I’m not sure if there is a problem if within the initial ‘docker run’ command I have specified hostname instead of an IP address.

It is possible. If the name resolution failed for certain satellites that could cause the issue shown.

I went ahead and instead used my IP address instead, let’s keep this open for a few days and see if the statistic improves.




Everything seems to got back in order.

I have a question now about the payment, because I can see from the Dashboard,
that such was made to my account 3 days ago, however, I do not see to have anything in my wallet funds. I have used the “Receive” STORJ Wallet Address given by my DeFI Wallet.

Don’t seem to understand what is wrong here, do I need to wait a bit longer?


Apologies for the multiple replies, I figured it out - as I would need to await until I have enough to pay my funds and transfer the amount to my wallet :slight_smile:

Please consider this matter closed.


And just one final question: what should one do when their node runs out of allocated space?

I tried looking around for any topics on the matter, feel free to sent me URLs if this was somewhere already discussed.

Depends. You can allocate more space, move node over to a bigger disk or start a new additional node…

You cannot add additional storage directories to a node.

Hmm - since right now I have one disk of 3TB and I would like to be prepared, when the time comes to extend the storage of the node. That is the entire disk (2.5TB allocated out of 3TB).

Would I be able to perhaps combine this disk with another 3TB within an array?

And how would I go about moving the node to another bigger disk?

You can combine disks like Raid0 or JBOD but without redundancy if one disk fails your node will die. So that’s not a good idea. You would have to choose something like Raid5 or similar.

But you can also easily either run a second node on the additional disk or move the old node to the bigger disk:


Yeah, I know that it is not the best option in terms of effectiveness probably. Just to be on the safe side, it might be better to consider moving the node to a bigger disk.

Thank you for the guidance!

Better will be starting a new node on new disk, and keep this one running. There is no reason to spend days copying data.


I much prefer doing that as well, right - but hypothetically, when my current node runs out of space it would only generate profit from the bandwidth monthly, as it is my understanding that I just let it be like that and start a new one?

That is an option. Many SNO’s run multiple nodes when their first nodes are filled. Sometimes before that, but you won’t receive more data by running two nodes at the same time unless they don’t share the same public subnet.


Yeah, I’m aware of the /24 subnet restriction. But perhaps I could await to fill this 1st node and then start a second brand new on a entire new disk.