Node Disqualified just as heldback amount is supposed to be released?

I have 5 nodes running on same server. Essentially same excellent uptime and audits for all satellites. I haven’t touched the server for a very long time since it should be and has been until now “set and forget”. So, then how the expletive does this stuff happen?

US Central showing 60% audit check for node 1 only.
Node 2 showing Europe West and Stefan suspended it. Uptime and audits for both satellites are 97%+ uptime and 100% audits.

All other satellites
Uptime Checks 99.2%
Audit Checks 100%


It is suspicious, perhaps, that these issues are happening just as the held-back amount is supposed to be released…

Cant’t say I had the same issues ive had the same node but I ran a GE on stefan pretty recently around 15 month mark. But all other satellites are 100% maybe you had a failing hard drive?

If you suggest that the disqualification is intentional to avoid releasing the held-back amount I highly doubt that. Never heard of such an issue.
You should first look for failures in your system, check the logs to see why your node has been disqualified.


Is there a process in place to be able to “un-disqualify”; or once disqualified, that’s pretty much a wrap?

If the former, then I will take the time required to investigate. If the latter, then I will just call it and switch off that server. For the small amount of reward vs the cost (and now hassle) to run that server, it may make more sense to simply spend a few thousand USD to buy and HODL instead. That server has earned to date something like 4,000 STORJ. I continue to regard this as a rare excellent project whose price should decouple as adoption increases. WHEN the price appreciates, the appreciation should more than pay for expenses to date.

I look forward to your feedback.

Unfortunately there is no way to un-disqualify a node. From my understanding they used to do that when the software had a lot of bugs but now it’s stable.
Storj is really made for people who already have a NAS and can just rent space they don’t use without having any extra costs. That’s why running an extra server dedicated to Storj might not be very profitable, renting a server from a company is even worse and it undermines the core principle of Storj.
Did you have a look at the logs to see what failed in your system ?

Welcome to the disqualiclub :laughing:

Still have not got any answer on if I should delete everything manualy or not…

I you’re DQed on all satellites, then you can of course remove everything.
If only on one satellite, then theoretically you could delete the files of that satellite but I wouldn’t mess with it without an official answer.

You can remove files of disqualified satellite