Node dont use all of available storage

Hi im hosting a node now since around 7 months.
2 months ago i upgraded my node from 2 TB to 6 TB available storage. at the time i upgraded i had around 100 GB free space at the node. after i upgraded it went to 2,2TB used storage with around the same outcome amount like the month befor. Thats my outcome over the last months (without Held amount):
Sep: ~9$ (2TB)
Oct: ~10$ (upgraded the storage amount) (upgraded to 6TB at middle of the month)
Nov: ~6$ (6TB) (without bonus… its anoying when i look at the used storage and how many it could have used -.-)
Dec: atm around ~4.5$ estimated 7.8$
can somebody explain me why the total amount of used storage dont go up and why the Nov and Dec outcome are so low in comparison to the months befor? the node have 2 cpus (3.5GHz and 3-4GB RAM with 1gbit up and down link).
Susspension,Online, and Audit are all 100% (beside of america with 99,91% online) I really cant understand where is the problem :confused:

How did you upgrade ? Are you using Windows or Linux ? Is it docker or GUI ?

Did you update your config.yaml or docker run command to use the new storage amount?


# total allocated disk space in bytes
storage.allocated-disk-space: 5.4 TB

Restart your node service after making this change.

OR docker run command (if using Docker):

docker stop <your-container-name-here>
docker rm <your-container-name-here>
docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --stop-timeout 300 \
    -p 28967:28967 \
    -p \
    -e EMAIL="" \
    -e ADDRESS="" \
    -e STORAGE="5.4TB" \
    --mount type=bind,source="<identity-dir>",destination=/app/identity \
    --mount type=bind,source="<storage-dir>",destination=/app/config \
    --name storagenode storjlabs/storagenode:latest

That is, first stop and remove your container and then re-create it with an updated Docker run command - keeping everything else the same but updating the available storage.


wow fast answer :smiley:
i used the second way. because at the same time i mentioned that my container was near to end of life and at the same time i was implementing the watchtower so it wont happen.

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I think these shouldnt look like these?
I checked the yaml config…

The node can see the available space, so it’s OK now. The reason why it is not full is that this is not mining, customers upload their data to the network (also, there’s test data), but how much space on your node is used depends on how much data is uploaded to the network.

Your node should fill up over time, assuming more data is uploaded than deleted.

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Yeah, I would say normally that’s okay for me and I know that but im extremely confused why the max amount of used storage didn’t change in around 2 months. This month it used already around 180 GB of data my storj site says to me.
I’m simple confused why the max amount of used data don’t change and I want to know if something with my setup probably could be the problem

That’s a bit strange, but right now ingress is very slow and some data is being deleted, so maybe the used space does not change that much.

Here’s how it looks on my node:

It could also be that you have a low success rate - your node could be constantly losing the “race” to get data.

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IIRC the docker run command overwrites config.yaml - as long as your web dashboard shows the right total disk space you should be fine.

BTW, you really should reserve the recommended 10% of space. You might run into problems later on if you allocate the whole 6 TB.

thats no problem. the docker is runing inside a vm who is virtualized inside proxmox. the data disk have ~6.2TB storage

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sorry, I use linux with the cli

Anyways, @Pentium100 is right - ingress has been very slow lately.

after I found out how i download a file from github :smiley:
now dont know what time period it shows :confused:
how did you get these graph?

If you have not set up log saving, then it shows from the last time your node container was created (say, after an update or changing settings - “docker rm” deletes logs unless they are saved elsewhere).

I used zabbix to graph the used space on the drive.

i think i dont specified something also thats the output of the last 5 days… is the output okay? or too high?

That’s a too low for 5 days and a vetted node.

Here’s mine since 2020-12-08:

========== UPLOAD ============= 
Rejected:              0 
Acceptance Rate:       100.000%
---------- accepted ----------- 
Failed:                1 
Fail Rate:             0.001%
Canceled:              1040 
Cancel Rate:           1.185%
Successful:            86711 
Success Rate:          98.814%

hmm interesting ~40k successful and around 1k canceled
also i think these look fine

I guess it is because otherwise you would have literally 0 ingress but just in case: Is you node up-to-date? What’s the version displayed on the web dashboard?

my node is at version

Alright, then you’re up-to-date.
Ingress is simply very low these days.