Node Exit or will the nodes once be able to cover costs?!

I’m running two storj nodes (different servers/countries/IPs). At the moment one server with total of 50 TB(!) is running exclusively for STORJ as there is currently no other purpose for it’s usage.
I’m just wondering will STORJ be once at least cover the server costs? At the moment it definetly does not! Earning of 5~8 USD worth (per node) in token are far away of covering these costs.

Will there be any plans to optimize these rewards or will STORJ continue giving dumping prices to storage-users and drain those admins running a STORJ-Node sharing hardware/disk-space to keep the system running?!

Don’t understand me wrong! I love the idea of a distributed-network service running on blockchain. But this only works if it is fair for all (users and operators as well).

I assume there is any instruction here for graceful exit? How long will it take or shut I just shutdown to next month and risk loosing 5-8 USD while the server costs at least 4-5x more than that?!

Thanks for any feedback.

Also. This here is not a way to get rich quickly…

Nodes are supposed to run on hardware already running. Or cheap like rpi.
If you have to buy drive and pc and pay internet and elektricity it never was intended to cover its cost.

Node filling up over time. So of 50tb maybe 4-5 tb are used atm.

There is even the paycut that made those storj only nodes not profitable anymore. Network grows to fast

Try the community calculator to get a feeling.

If you only buy the drive (other hardware aside )maybe roi is 2 to 3 years. Then you have small profit for the node.

50tb will need propably never or ca 5y to fill up.

50 tb is overkill start anyway.

Do calculator things and reconsider.

Good luck.

Use the whole 50TB for only one node is not-so-good for many reasons.

You can fully expect Storj Inc. to adjust node revenue as necessary to maintain the network. Providing measly 50 TB of storage is not exactly a huge enterprise, and so it cannot be worth much.

Hello @cryptoguru666,
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See Realistic earnings estimator to get an idea how long it may take to fill up all that space and how much you may earn.

See Graceful Exit Guide if you decide to exit.


I’ve been waiting now few time to see storj will be at least able to cover electricity or server costs. But for 10~15 bucks thats just a wasting hobby. I don’t expect to get “rhich” by this. But if this isn’t at least covering eletricity or hosting costs for a server this is just waste of time and money “sponsoring” cheap storage for others.

I’ve decided now to exit my largest note. Once upon a time when there is more fair pricing I may come back. At least storj should support IPv6 to run multiple nodes on one server to scale up everything. With IPv4 costs for extra IPs this is also waste of money again.

Good bye.


This is why we always suggest to use what you have now and what will be online anyway, with Storj or without. In this case any income is a pure profit, since all costs, include electricity, already paid because you need it to be online not because of Storj.