Node is full after 2 weeks

Hi, Im still new (only about 2 weeks into the game) and my node (500gb) is full now.
I have only 2.2gb left.
Is this normal?

The speed at which your node fills up greatly depends on what clients upload to the network. I’d say that you got lucky to get your node full that fast.
Do you know if your node is already vetted ? (if it reached 100 audits on all the satellites)

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I only got 100+ audits on 2 satelites

Nice, meany those satellites will start pulling more data from your node.
So to answer your question, it’s perfectly normal.
Now all that’s left to do is to let your node run and watch it earn some money haha

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Well, that earning money part is a bit disappointing to be honest. I will receive around $1.50 per month (pre money holding, so i will get paid maybe 20 cents). But i discussed that in a different thread already

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Yes it’s not much but if it’s storage space that you wouldn’t use otherwise it’s better than nothing.
Pays a coffee per month (not the fancy ones though).

Yeah. kind of. This was an experiment anyways. I thought i could buy more storage capacity but this just wont pay off.
Lets assume I pay $25 per TB and I earn $2.5 per TB/month. then i need 10 months to only earn enough money to replace a broken hdd.
Power costs, other hardware, network not even counted.

Its not possible to “mine money” from this as a node-owner


I agree, I think that the original target public were NAS owners with extra space available. The NAS would be running anyway so no extra power cost and you can reduce the disk space assigned to storj if you need extra room. It’s not really meant to be viable if you buy a drive just for storj.
But the I personally did buy a 8TB hard drive just for storj…
As for power consumption, setting up a node with an odroid HC2 really decreases power consumption (but adds 80 bucks to the investment).
I see it as a little experiment that helps me get more familiar with linux and I’m more than happy if it just pays for itself.
I guess the main problem is the storj earnings estimator that get people into setting up a note with hopes of high return on investment which isn’t really possible.

Wait hold on… 10 months for ROI is not worth it? People buy solar panels where the ROI is about 7-8 years. I’m not sure what you were expecting, but you are providing a service and getting fair pay for it. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It’s actually financially balanced. You can’t exactly expect that offering just 500GB will make you rich.

I was lucky to start out with more than 10TB of space I could share on my NAS already. Since then I’ve paid for 2x16TB HDD’s to expand my Storj space with my Storj income. That was aided by a few surge payouts, but still. Storj is profitable, but you have to offer more than 500GB to make it worth the effort. Right now I make $30 on a slow month. This likely means I can pay for the next expansion before I fill up the space I have now. And every time I do, my profits go up and I have more left over when then enxt expansion is needed. I don’t think you can really ask more than that. At least not if you want this stream of income to stick around. Any other system would not be financially viable for customers or Storjlabs. And we kind of need both of those. (For now at least, eventually Storjlabs may become one of many satellite operators)


Good to hear that you make profit on it. But my numbers are different.
You cannot compare an investment on Solar with a high risk Crypto invest. I have enough experience with crypto to know that things (especially profit) can change quick. Investing in a volatile Crypto-market with a 10 months ROI is not worth it in my opinion.

But everybody has their own thoughts about it.

Storj is not like other crypto projects. It’s not mining, there are no sudden increases in difficulty or drops in rewards. You get paid an amount in dollars, which is then translated in STORJ tokens based on the current value. This means your income won’t suddenly drop if the STORJ price falls. Of course you take on some risk if you hold on to your STORJ tokens, but that’s up to you if you want to do that, you can also sell them right away and pocket the dollar amount. That way it’s no more high risk than the solar investment. As a result of this the STORJ value has also be fairly stable for a while now.

Your numbers are different because you’re not providing the same service. I now have 28TB available for Storj of which 13.5TB is used. You can’t expect to make the same amount of money if you only share 500GB.


thats why i calculated the profit per TB. It should be the same for both of us, right?

Well it’s only risky if you keep your storj in your wallet. If you don’t want the risk just change them in fiat as soon as you get them.
As for the hardware part it’s actually low risk as long as you understand what you’re doing and don’t corrupt your data by mistake.
I agree with @BrightSilence on the fact that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme and yes a 10 month ROI is excellent even when compared to crypto mining.

EDIT: you beat me to it @BrightSilence, I need to type faster next time haha

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Yes it should be the same if you don’t account for power usage and the cost of the internet connection.
A NAS optimized for storage will inherently be more efficient than a PC with a few hard drives hooked up. As for the internet connection, everyone has one these days so I don’t see why you would include that in the equation.

It is. $2.50 * 13.5TB = $33.75
That’s a pretty fair assessment of what I expect to make this month. It’s a little higher on average I think, but close enough.

Btw, this may be of interest to you: More realistic earnings estimator

Maybe i still dont understand what you are saying.
You have a turnover of $33 per month.
But you invested around (28TB*$25=) $700

This is 20 months of ROI. How is this better than what I got?

I think a big factor is that his node isn’t full yet. Once it is full his earnings will be similar to yours.
In average we expect 5% of our data to be downloaded per month (egress).
I suggest you have a look at the earnings estimator it’s pretty accurate. The only thing that changed with my setup is that my node seems to fill up quicker than in the calculator (3TB/month versus 1TB/month).

OK, But i thought I am lucky that my node is full. Nodes are not full in general (speaking of risks :wink: ) So to calculate profit with the prerequisite that every node is full is not very realisitc, is it?

That would mean in reality the average profit (per TB) is somewhere in between @BrightSilence an me.
(if not lower, because one of the risk is that nobody uploads stuff. The risk of the sun stopps shining compared to that is very low)

Scale… It’s not better, it’s the same per TB (If you’re reasonable and don’t count unused space like you did in the last calculation. I didn’t have to expand yet, I just did because I could afford it)

At some point you make more money than it would cost to keep expanding when the node fills up. I seem to be at that point now and was basically able to do that from day one because of the head start in available space and surge payouts.

Lucky you.

But I disagree on calculating only the used space. You have to pay for all of it (in fact, even more when using RAID). The fact the the network is only using 50% of it doesnt make your invest cheaper. It makes the strategy more inefficient.

I guess we can conclude that for some people it is a viable option to make money, and for others it isnt