Node offline without any explanation

Hello. My node is
I installed it following the guide like 2 months ago. Im not good at computers at this server level, so miraculously it went well at first try. All went ok and now suddenly it stopped . 8 hours offline now. I have flushed dns and restarted PC as I saw in some messages. But there is no button to “restart” node, right?. No changes in anti virus and my no-ip is working so…

What can I do? To install it was really hard for me as I’m not a techie. Also tried to look at some “program” or UX and its only the node dashboard that doesn’t give me any info about why is offline.
So, bit frustrating. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Which OS are you running?
Did you confirm the node is running?
Have you checked the logs of your node?
Have you confirmed your no-ip has updated the newest IP?

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I can assume that you are running Windows GUI storagenode.

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Hey there. I did a super nice reply and then the forum crashed a few hours ago -_-
Long story short: It was the 30 day timer of Free No-IP. Found lurking in google, logged in their account and refreshed. Everything started chugging again! Thanks for the clues.

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Windows GUI definitely: Low skill old guy here :stuck_out_tongue: At least I was able to make the IP update thing despite the forum server crashing (or it was me?) All good again, 8 cents in Storj incoming this month haha

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The forum did not crash, so seems you have had network issues.

I too had problems loading the forum for a few hours today (1pm to 4pm UK time).

There may have been some broader issue. I wasn’t able to visit the forum either for a while yesterday on my home connection. But on 4G it worked just fine.

So, it could be European lines? And not all, only a few?

Yeah, it may have been. I’m on KPN for both home and mobile connections though. Probably not something to worry too much about unless it happens again. Could also be DNS caches. Did an IP change for example?