Node suspended - no email?

Guys, this makes no sense, my 2 year old node was suspended and not even an email stating that?


Nothing new, from my 4 nodes I get 1-2 maintenance mails from time to time but none in case of problems, no matter if gmail or outlook :frowning:

Check your logs, what does the next bit of the dashboard show with the Suspension and Online numbers?

That’s not the issue.
The problem is not the why it happened, it’s a mail trigger to the operator warning the suspension!!

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You’re absolutely right. Sending an email should be the first thing the system does when a node is suspended.

For some reason Storj seems to dislike email communication with SNO’s :confused:

Maybe add a suggestion?


They do send emails in that case but maybe something is broken (at least for some nodes)?

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I’ve seen emails about disqualification. Are you sure there’s a notification about suspension as well?

Hmm maybe :smiley: Now I’m not sure

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Yeah, but disqualification email is kinda late, no? :wink:


I got warned by email many months back when one of my nodes got suspended.

@naxbc I guess you already double checked the spelling of your email adress configured for your node.
If it’s valid, it feels like it’d be worth reaching out to the support team so they can investiagte and fix that.

Or ping Jocelyn about that on the topic @kevink linked above.

StorjLabs seem to go easy on emails and that’s fine, but urgent alerts like a suspension should definitely trigger an email to the SNO, in my opinion.

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Thanks man.
Yes I’m pretty sure regarding my email spelling.
Dispite it was a failure on my volume, it should trigger an email regarding the suspension in any case.
I’ve already sent @Alexey my NodeID is and deleted my node. It’s lost, on my fault, or better HDD fault.
Lost 300$ in Held Amount, but it paid for itself as it was my oldest node ever since StorjV3 day 1.
Oh well…I’ll keep the other 4 running and just sell this one.

Yes I forwarded this information to the team and they looking for problems with provider. I hope they would fix an issue.


Yippee Ki Yay, finally today I received an email with “dqed on the satellite” but that was in november 2020 :+1: :sweat_smile:


That solves it then…

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i have a question. whenever you leave the network with graceful exit, is the node after the exit still able to get new data and is vetted?

If you apply for a new node, yes, but you cannot use the old cert files.
Those are dead.

Yes you can, because if you still running your node, it could register on a new satellite us2.

Since it’s new, your node is not eligible to exit from it. And your node could be vetted fast, because it has not a big amount of data.
But it will not register on the exited satellites.

Thus @naxbc is right too - you need to start clean with a new identity, signed with a new authorization token and empty storage.